Friday, April 20, 2018

The Right Step with PTE Academic- Moving abroad

Adapting to new places and lifestyles is one of the best ways to shape your identity, and knowing that people around the globe all see the same moon is incredibly unifying. Realising that halfway across the world, where everything is new, and different, and strange, the moon high up above is shining with the same light back home- priceless comfort.

Wanderlust souls are especially curious, they wanna see as many perspectives and angles as possible. This study abroad quote captures the transformative qualities of study abroad that have the power to challenge and change individuals. One might find oneself gazing, mesmerised, at the same moon, but through different eyes.

Being a student is not much of a challenge, being an international student can be one of those. I believe student life in one's home country is pretty easy, but being a student by oneself in a different country can be hard. There are lots of thoughts that pour into the minds of an individual. 

Those who decide to go abroad do so often with an intense mixture of feelings. From giddy anticipation to strong apprehension, from the high of arrival to the devastation of departure, one's heart is going to be singing in all sorts of keys. Going abroad can evoke some pretty extreme emotions, since this is the first time adventuring solo in a new land.

The challenges are numerous ranging from the minor ones to the major ones such as - 
  • Managing finances
  • Cultural adaptations 
  • Language and communication hindrances
  • Emotional stabilization and homesickness
  • Food habits
  • Making new friends
  • Different educational and teaching methods
  • Setting up with new flatmates and room-mates, etc

While these can be some of the challenges, these should not hinder the larger and brighter side of the goals of an individual. It is important to keep the motivation levels high and to continue the walk towards achieving the goal.

One of the most important and prime step while stepping out of the country is to take the English Language test to be able to study and work in the foreign country without any hindrances which makes an individual eligible in lots of countries and universities worldwide.

PTE Academic is one of the best options available as it offers a lot of plus points and advantages over other exams available based on fairness, flexibility, reliability amongst other factors. #DefinitelyPTE because it has some of the advantages which are -

  • It is a computer-based language test
  • It offers candidates the fastest, fairest and most flexible way of proving their English language proficiency for immigration and student visas.
  • Highly accurate marking makes test scores consistent.
  • The test is scored by computer so it doesn’t matter where test takers come from or what they look like, PTE Academic only tests their English skills.
  • Palm-vein scanning, randomized test forms and data forensics ensure test score validity.
  • Accepted for study applications by thousands of institutions worldwide. For eg - 
    London College of Management Studies, London College of Professional Training, London College of Science and Technology, etc
  • Candidates can send their scores to an unlimited number of institutions without additional fees via their secure online account.

  • Integrated skill test with 20 different types of questions divided into 3 parts and the test is being conducted in single session with an optional scheduled break of 10 minutes.
  • Also the availability of PTE preparation course makes it acceptable choice by the candidates so that they can prepare for the test in an efficient manner.
  • The test centres are available world wide in several countries makes it a favourable choice. For eg in countries like Dubai, Kuwait, South Africa, etc.
Thus, from the numerous advantages being offered by an exam makes one to think of #DefinitelyPTE as the best option with them.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

How Education Leads To Water Conservation ?

Some of the educational resources for Water Conservation have come a large way in conserving water and preserving it in healthy ways for the individuals, and society, at large. This would leave behind a legacy that would go a long way in carrying a good name ahead to the coming generations where the individuals would be vary of good habits into their daily lifestyle.

Education and teachers is a great way to mould society as they are the torch bearers of the nation and have a tremendous role in shaping the future of the society. This would educate individuals about the valuables and how to value them in a positive way. 

The techniques of inculcating the values and teachings these days are numerous. They can vary from practical learning lessons on the ground to the activities online where the children can learn innovative ways of bringing changes in the society.

Some of the ways could be:
  • Educating students and providing them with the tips about the saving of water at homes and school. 
  • Creating lesson plans to teach students about the importance of conservation and preservation of natural resources such as water.
  • Informing and educating children about the water cycle and relating it with several nature's phenomenon.
  • Water education is very important chapter that needs to be inculcated in the learning regime of the schools as it is immensely becoming polluted and needs immediate attention from all the strata of the society.
  • There can be innovative ways like water conservation games which can be fun-involving and creative ways to grab the attention of the students towards initiative such as #CuttingPaani.
  • Competitions is another healthy way to promote such change bringing campaigns where ideas could be known from various sections of society.
  • Water usage and wastage guidance awareness programmes need to be organised from time to time.
  • Facts and quizzes is another effective way of learning methods of water conservation.
  • School water audits, where information of how students and teachers can collectively perform water audit is another way in which water conservation can be promoted.
  • Water conservation through proper investigation and ways to improve water conservation techniques shall lead a way forward to make the best possible use of water.

We can see that education plays an important role in shaping the structure of society and paves opportunities to the educated youth to carry out their responsibilities effectively and in the most friendly manner which would be beneficial not only to themselves but also to the future generations as well. It is important to keep in mind that every single effort counts and is rewarded by nature.

For more details on the initiative #CuttingPaani by LIVPURE, and to pledge your support, click to  sign the petition. Below is a small video which serves a great way of learning for #CuttingPaani and conserving water. 

It is to keep in mind that to a thirsty man, a drop of water is more than a sack of gold. Therefore, we must make every possible effort to conserve our water resources to have them available for ourselves and for future generations.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Transform: from the old to the new


In the times that we have moved ahead to where buying and selling  has become synonymous to the demand and supply orders of the day, whether new or used, it applies to all the products, alike, and online buying and selling platforms have made the task quite easier and competitive where it has become a win- win situation for everyone, whether buyers or sellers.

I have been a gadget freak since my childhood, and I used to keep them them with me until this platform of online buying and selling of used items came into play, because going out to sell them never attracted my mind and I never found it worth. So as this revolution of online buying and selling came to rule the market, it came to me to put my gadgets to effective use by selling them to the people who want them. To my surprise, there came a pleasant experience to me when I put on the ads with the product pictures and descriptions for selling out my old gadgets.

The whole experience has been quite versatile as I had good, bad, funny and annoying experiences. There were buyers who would really want to buy, and there were some who would just kill your time and mind for nothing. So there has been a learning too, to avoid the non- serious sellers who would simply waste your time and efforts, and would want to put down the buying and selling deal. It is important to identify the right buyers and sellers while making the choice for the deal.

Cashify has been a great platform where I could find genuine price quotation for my products at an appropriate price where I did not have to negotiate or enter into any kind of arguments while making the deal. It has been a peaceful experience as compared to other sites where such a task becomes cumbersome and tedious. Such a neat and clean experience provided by Cashify has been very peaceful and praise- worthy.

My laptop which was already used for almost 4 years found a good buyer at appropriate price which did not make me suffer and also the buyer was happy to get a good deal. The rights and duties of the buyers and sellers are managed and maintained appropriately without creating any kind of problems to anyone. The privacy issues are effectively handled by Cashify to such an extent that it comes out as a pleasant experience for everyone alike. One of the most important thing that has come to stay with me after selling of my old gadgets is that one can be genuine with the product descriptions at Cashify and get a reasonable price for them, instead of specifying fake specifications which would not only fool the customer and deprive him/her of his peace, but also the ethics and morals of trust are being shaken to a great extent. Thus, it is imperative and important for both the parties to maintain the integrity of such platforms.

It is essential to understand the needs and the means at one's disposal. Here such online shopping platforms like Cashify help to clean up the homes in easy way and help in weeding away the unwanted gadgets and also bring up some cash in return for the exchange. where one can purchase and sell things according to oneself come to play a tremendous role. The terms and conditions should be appropriately laid down which makes the experience of such site and app useful and fruitful at the same time.

Cashify has in fact brought in a huge transformation to the way we buy and sell things online and has revolutionised the era in several ways.

Use the coupon code CLEANCASH and get an additional Rs. 250 on the sale of your gadgets.

To have this experience click on to:

Friday, February 3, 2017

The divine luxury at THE ITC MUGHAL, Agra

It is so rightly marked and said that travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. The world in itself has become a small place with all the technologies, updates and gadgets at our way. Life has become quite simple and easier as compared to the times even a decade ago. A lot has changed and so is the cycle of changes continuing. The only that is constant is the desire for luxury and the travel experiences that stay bound in memories for ever and ever. 
Luxury is beautiful.
Luxury is adventurous.
Luxury is a way of life, divine.
And for me the luxurious treat for myself comes packed in the form of a gift that comprises a travel package having a beautiful destination with beautiful stay that would make the whole trip in itself a paradise. On our visit to Agra for the visit to one of the seven wonders of the World i.e Taj Mahal, we decided to treat ourselves in a luxurious way and thus decided to have our family stay at the hotel- ITC Mughal, Agra; where we booked a Mughal suite for ourselves which was amazingly plush and comfortable which offered us the Mughal beauty in the form of paintings, designing and luxury style resembling to that of the Mughals. The interior designing of the hotel is spacious and luxurious. 
The staff at the hotel was warm, courteous, welcoming and hospitable. The services were commendable. The beautifully landscaped and the vast mature gardens gave the serene and peaceful impression. They are quite relaxing to take a walk around. There is a beautifully designed spa at the hotel and adding on to that our room grade included uses of the sauna and steam area with one of the best jacuzzis I had been in for a while.
One of the best offering that they had is that they have a 'Jharoka- e- Taj' observatory arrangement from where the Taj Mahal can be seen, which is a great point that added to our choice of stay at this hotel. Also it has a swing chair and even if the visibility isn't good sometimes due to poor weather to see the Taj Mahal, it comes forward as a relaxing spot to enjoy the gardens view.
It was overall a royal treat that I gave to myself and the family. The memories created are strong which would stay with us life- long.
“I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

Friday, July 29, 2016

Growing and learning with the art of story telling

Story telling and story listening, both of them are one of the most cherished art for the parents and children at the same time. Teaching the art of story telling for parents to their kids is very essential as it leads to the growth, development and progress of the child in an amazing manner that just sees positive growth and makes the child to learn and grow in a progressive manner. It is important to build up new ideas and bring in ways of creativity to keep the spark alive within the children that would keep them curious to learn and develop new ways to step ahead.
Well, coming to think of when was the last time when my children narrated me stories is not that old. It has been done recently when the colgate strong teeth packs arrived at my home and my children knew no boundaries to control their excitement and wait as to what was lying inside the pack. It happens each time whenever the courier guy arrives. This is the excitement. The kids are always ready to open the packet and reveal as to what lays inside the packet.This time it was cards and packs from colgate that had amazing sea characters and creatures from the sea world which meant loads of fun, play and excitement for them. I was happily seeing all their activities and it was pure joy and fun to see them in this joyous mood. It was bringing me pure delight and joys. Ofcourse, needless to mention, it is amazing for the parents to see their excited and happy, nothing else brings more happiness to the parents.
The children sat down with me for cutting the characters from the packs and involved me into the activity. It was like I was reliving my childhood days of cutting and learning from the charts. The kids then starting interacting amongst themselves regarding the characters, started arranging them in several random patterns one after the other as to suit the conditions and situations of their story telling one by one. It was amazing to see the flow of ideas and imaginations from the children. The mystical stories that were coming out from the children was coming as a great surprise for me. As this time I was not the one narrating the stories, it was the other way round. It was the kids narrating the stories to me this time and generating out new lessons and stories in several creative and amazing ways. It was after several hours that my wife visited the room where I was having fun with the kids listening to their creativities and imaginations, and she realized the fun she had missed. We started teasing her on the fun we had. It was a lovely way that brought joys to me and my family and we all had a great time. It was then that I decided to have such fun activities with the children that would bring fun and learning at the same time. This also helped me to learn a lot of things as a parent. 
With this, I would like to thank Colgate for sending me the packs that stored lot of learning, fun and joys for me and my family.
For details on colgate and related packs, click on the link:

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ready with the redi-GO!

What a journey it would be to have an amazing fusion of the compact cross-over and urban hatch-pack to be standing at the doorstep to lead us to wherever we would want to, to make our lives easier, comfortable and luxurious by the end of the day. When I coming to describe of all the above features, I can avoid looking at anything but not NISSAN's newly launched REDI-GO, that comes with amazing blend of fun, freedom and confidence with amazing set of features. There is a great amount of satisfaction when one gets to know one is being offered the best of the two worlds, which would be the prime preference for any individual to take the life to its best and make the best out of it.
The three features of the Redi-Go that caught my attention have been the amazing exteriors, interiors and the performance levels of the car along with the great amount of comfort and safety that the car offers are no less eye-catching. 
The exteriors of the car are sleek and compact, giving it a robust appearance. The car has an amazing sporty look which gives it several plus points on designing front. The lean dynamic side character lines add a lot of to the stance of the car. The D-Cut grille on its outside speaks of the splendid quality. Also, the high stance which gives a better view of the surroundings is a classic feature in the Redi-Go, which cannot go un-noticed. The class ground clearance is a great feature for the car designed for Indian roads to avoid any kind of road obstacles on the streets. Considering safety, the car also has daytime running lamps which shall let people know that the car is coming. The head and the tail lamps differentiate this car from the others with the latest technology being employed into them.
The interiors of the car offer comfortable seating pattern for 5 persons, giving enough space to all the passengers. The audio system settings, dashboard layout, and the power window layouts in the car interiors are impressive to lure attention towards the car. The seats of the car give sporty appearance. 
Another feature which caught me is the performance level of the car giving an impressive fuel economy with 25.17 km/litres. The 799cc engine seems quite impressive again to stay longer on the roads with the i-sat engine technology which has a great response to the fuel quality and power requirements. The augmented brakes and the crash protection shell of the car gives it plus points in looking forward to spin this car.
For the test drive I would love to take this car into the traffic zones to test the efficiency of the car and see if the promises being made are at par. I would really look forward to test the car for efficiency of the engine and the comfort that it promises in the interiors. This would give me assurance as to if it can take away  my driving blues into the urban areas.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Friday, February 26, 2016

#ShareTheLoad responsibly!

What we often come to see in the society at a large is that the household activities are largely being seen as the tasks and the responsibilities of the women, and such prejudices are being passed and thought  in the similar fashion by the future generations as well. They are quite forced to think on the same lines as they see and learn from the elders and other members around themselves, that girls should take up the household responsibilities no matter if they are working or not, or busy with some other work elsewhere. These are all due to lots of prejudices prevailing in the society as to teach the girls all of the household activities so that she can take of her family marriage such as to cook food, laundry, and related activities. They lack the examples of breaking down this myth of the responsibility of the household activities being meant for girls or the females in the family. 

It is important to address the issue as soon as possible and thus create better individuals of the children coming up in the society. It is high time we realize that women hold equal role and position in the society and thus should not be burdened with unnecessary and vague responsibilities when they can be shared among the family members and the work- load can be efficiently divided and taken up by all the individuals in the family which shall lessen the work pressure on the ladies in the house.

It is important to teach children to be self dependent and to teach them how to do their tasks on their own. No prejudices should be passed on to them so that they do not boss around in a wrong manner in future, and shall value and regard their partner and other ladies in the family. Sharing of the household work should be taken up like sharing of the food and other things which would bring sense of pleasure, respect and enjoyment in the relations in the family. 

The need of the hour is breakdown the stereotypes in the society, take a strong stand and set up strong examples in the society which shall lead to healthy upbringing of the coming generations because children by seeing, imitating and following their elders in the family. The first learning of the children starts at home, and care should be taken that the right teachings and learnings are carried forward.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.