Thursday, March 22, 2018

How Education Leads To Water Conservation ?

Some of the educational resources for Water Conservation have come a large way in conserving water and preserving it in healthy ways for the individuals, and society, at large. This would leave behind a legacy that would go a long way in carrying a good name ahead to the coming generations where the individuals would be vary of good habits into their daily lifestyle.

Education and teachers is a great way to mould society as they are the torch bearers of the nation and have a tremendous role in shaping the future of the society. This would educate individuals about the valuables and how to value them in a positive way. 

The techniques of inculcating the values and teachings these days are numerous. They can vary from practical learning lessons on the ground to the activities online where the children can learn innovative ways of bringing changes in the society.

Some of the ways could be:
  • Educating students and providing them with the tips about the saving of water at homes and school. 
  • Creating lesson plans to teach students about the importance of conservation and preservation of natural resources such as water.
  • Informing and educating children about the water cycle and relating it with several nature's phenomenon.
  • Water education is very important chapter that needs to be inculcated in the learning regime of the schools as it is immensely becoming polluted and needs immediate attention from all the strata of the society.
  • There can be innovative ways like water conservation games which can be fun-involving and creative ways to grab the attention of the students towards initiative such as #CuttingPaani.
  • Competitions is another healthy way to promote such change bringing campaigns where ideas could be known from various sections of society.
  • Water usage and wastage guidance awareness programmes need to be organised from time to time.
  • Facts and quizzes is another effective way of learning methods of water conservation.
  • School water audits, where information of how students and teachers can collectively perform water audit is another way in which water conservation can be promoted.
  • Water conservation through proper investigation and ways to improve water conservation techniques shall lead a way forward to make the best possible use of water.

We can see that education plays an important role in shaping the structure of society and paves opportunities to the educated youth to carry out their responsibilities effectively and in the most friendly manner which would be beneficial not only to themselves but also to the future generations as well. It is important to keep in mind that every single effort counts and is rewarded by nature.

For more details on the initiative #CuttingPaani by LIVPURE, and to pledge your support, click to  sign the petition. Below is a small video which serves a great way of learning for #CuttingPaani and conserving water. 

It is to keep in mind that to a thirsty man, a drop of water is more than a sack of gold. Therefore, we must make every possible effort to conserve our water resources to have them available for ourselves and for future generations.