Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#Music and the lessons learnt!

It is important for an individual to abreast with the high moral values and virtues in life since they make one to achieve new heights and takes one to the path of success, killing down the negatives and failures in life. Optimism helps in fighting the toughest situations with ease and thus should be a part of one's nature.

Life is as we make it and see it. Thus, looking at our life with high values is important as that will aid us to move in a better direction.

The best moments that I cherish are those with my students. They are the source of all joys and happiness for me. They are always filled with high spirits towards their goals of music and always have plans to cheer me up with their performances.

After pouring in all the hard work and efforts into my music lessons, me and my students have a band our own and we are doing quite well giving performances at national and state levels. It is a great achievement for me and my students.

One fine day, we received an invitation to perform for the nationals in Delhi. It was a big news for all of us because till then we had been doing shows and performances at lower levels. We practiced day and night for giving our best performance. We are a group of 8 people and work as a team to work towards our goals.

We plan and workout on them with a strong determination. I was working with a bunch of young individuals and had to keep them motivated and encouraged so that they could give their best.
On the day of our performance, most of us were feeling nervous about the performance. I, being the team lead had to calm them down. They were confident with the pangs of nervousness floating in their nerves.

Our team’s name was announced and cheering ourselves we occupied the stage. We introduced ourselves and gave our performance. To our surprise we heard the loudest cheers during our performance and were asked to give one more performance. We were convinced for our performance, being a good one.

At last when the time of the announcements of results was to be done, we were again holding each other hands. Finally when we heard the runner ups announcements and other consolation prizes and did not hear our name till that last announcement which had our name marked, we were all nervous again, for few seconds. 

Lastly, when the result for the best team was announced and we heard our name, we all jumped in joy. It filled all of us with lot of confidence, optimism and the hopes for future. From there on, we went to give several performances and took our team to achieve laurels and achievements.

Optimism and positivity are the greatest virtues of human life that one can ever pursue. It is important to inculcate in oneself the habits of being positive and learning to stay calm and peaceful in all the situations in life because that will bring immense bliss and attainment of big achievements in life.

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#Music - meaning of life!

Life is nothing without music is what I had imbibed within me since the early childhood days. It has got so much imbibed into our nerves that we cannot think of life without it. It has its own breath, essence and ignition into it which makes  it all the worth while. 

Standing amidst and taking up a new steps in life never gets easy and it was a tough one for me too. I had to take the necessary decisions in life all alone at a point in life. Having lost both my parents at an early stage in life, it was never easy for me to face people from all strata of life, be it professional or personal. When life has to give its best, it definitely tests you at the worst points in life, and thus one must not give up hopes and keep oneself opened to new opportunities and experiences in life.

Since my childhood days, I was very keenly interested into music and learnt varied forms of it with different playing instruments and took up vocal. My parents have always been a source of inspiration for me throughout my life and always motivated me to follow my interests. It is due to their efforts I took up music in my early days of life which have been in favour of mine in the tough days of my life.

I could not continue my education due to the dismissal of both my parents in a mishap. I just cleared my graduation second year exams. It got tough with each passing day. I talked to several people, but could not get any strong response from any end. I took up as a small grade teacher in a private music school that barely paid me for the classes I took. But I decided to continue and develop my skills.

As days passed by, I was learning more things and was becoming a better professional with my music skills. I learned how to handle students and give them the classes. Though I was paid very less, I decided to impart the lessons in children which they could carry in life because everything in life has a purpose and should be done with passion.

One day, I decided to join a school as a music teacher. I gave interviews at a lot of schools. At so many places I was rejected. There were few schools from where I received the acceptance calls. I was happy as there were changes and new things happening with me and around me with my efforts. I decided to join a school near my home where I was selected.

After a year of experience in the school, where I attained and developed more of skills to handle children in a responsible manner, one of my colleagues in the school gave me an idea to start a music school of my own and take it forward. It was a good idea; I decided to work in the same direction. I decided to make good savings from my salary and work on the plans.

I purchased new instruments and started taking classes at my home. My schedules were getting tough and it was tough to take up the initial step. With the blessings of Almighty and my parents, I started making progress in my new work and began making new achievements and laurels. 

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Memories with #Music

Music has that immense power that can set the captivation of the minds free and make it float in the free air.

Music has lent me the best memories of my life, and my mind is at peace with all that I have been able to discover and live with the essence and the presence of music in my life. Though it was difficult at several times to struggle and cope with the other necessities and conditions of life. But great things never come easy in life and we need to struggle for them from time to time and make things happen at all levels for ourselves, for nothing great could ever be achieved without the pain and efforts.

Being served as a music teacher and as HOD in some of the best schools of Delhi, I have come to have a Music School of my own. The memories that have been built are manifold and have given me the smiles and happiness which I shall cherish till the last breath of my life.
I would here narrate an incidence from the early days of my life whose memories are still afresh in my mind. It was teacher’s day. That day the students in the school were playing models and mimicries of the teachers. Students had planned out everything so well. It is a great day for teachers to see how their students see them, precisely, loads and lots of fun everywhere in the school premises.

I have always had shoulder length and deep dark curly hair with a band that always stays right up on my head, typical musician looks. One of my students who is keenly interested in music and singing, planned to play my role. The students have their own ways of adding fun to the things and so they give the best of memories. It was great to see the student really look like me, with the same body language, and coming out with the statements and one-liner like I have always made.

At the end of the ceremony, teachers are presented awards and titles which makes the day more enjoyable and memorable. Since I have been all time favourite among the students, and having been awarded in all the teacher’s day ceremonies till date, this day I was expecting the same. Till the last award, I was sitting behind and waiting, and then finally the wait was over. There was the turn of the “BEST TEACHER AMONG THE STUDENTS” and then there was my name being said after a few words describing me in the best ways which really sounded amazing to my ears. What else could a music lover and student lover expect more in life? I have always loved my students fondly and love being with them, making them to live the essence of music and teaching them the ways of life so that they can be the best achievers in life. After the award being given, my students got me on their shoulders and took me on a round, giving me a special treatment like the Indian Cricket Team winning the World Cup and Dhoni being carried on the shoulders around the ground. It was a great and proud feeling. 

Music has such power and it has given me life and reasons to step ahead with it.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Gold Mornings!

Waking up in the morning is in itself a great blessing and how we turn our good mornings into the gold mornings is solely in  our hands and minds that we turn our day into a beautiful memory and make it a good day. Here, morning is an important time of day mainly because it is on the morning that determines how we would spend the day and shall often give us an idea as what kind of day we are going to have.
Well, to begin with the gold morning, my first act in the morning after getting up is to worship mother Earth and Sun, for waking me up to this beautiful morning and blessing me to see another day into my life. 
After seeking blessings from mother Earth and Sun, the next act that sets up into my schedule is freshening up myself, brushing up with the Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush for a #Colgate360GoldMornings, taking a shower and begin my Saraswati Vandana with any of the instrument. The prayers are an important way of thanking God for blessing me with an opportunity to witness and live to the beauty of another day in my life. 
It is important for me to begin my each day with this procedure wherever I am in any part of the world as it gives me inner peace and satisfaction to mark the beginning of the day in a peaceful and beautiful manner that would lead to a good day ultimately and shall lead to satisfaction in the happenings throughout the day. It is important to reach to satisfactory levels of performance in the day as this would fulfil and grant meaning to the life and shall give a purpose to the life.
It is important to mark the mornings of the day in a healthy and graceful manner as it would help an individual to progress throughout the day in a positive manner. Beginning often determines the end and a beautiful beginning would most often lead to a beautiful end. Seeking the blessings of the God and elders is very important and seeking them in the morning would lead to a wonderful start of the day as blessings help an individual in several ways in life. As a matter of personal experience, it strengthens me from inside and makes me a better person with each passing day. It has helped me to progress and develop in a positive way. The graph of development in my life has been growing exponentially and I would give this credit to the beautiful mornings that I begin with and now I have renamed them to "Gold mornings".