Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Art of Music #DigitalIndia

Music is a great art and is a profoundly thought possession for most of the individuals if provided the right and appropriate platform to explore and learn the required and desired skills at the right time at the right age at the right time.

India is a land of various forms of music and has a huge history associated with it. From the times immemorial it has been known as a great art. There must be a platform provided that would be convenient to approach and take up.  

It is important that care is taken to explore this talent within the kids. The main hindrance that is met by most of the Indian kids is the lack of platform to learn and showcase their talent. It is found that there are many kids who really interested into music as compared to the number of kids that come forward and take music into their life.

One of the major step that could be taken by Government of India through the Digital platform is by providing a platform for the kids to learn the music lessons be it vocal, or instrumental or any sort of musical lesson. 

Also, the students can put forward their queries which can be answered and responded by the music laureates. They can take up the queries and revert back with the solutions to the learners.

This would serve as a great platform for the learners to educate themselves into music through online platform

The lessons could be uploaded for the several musical art forms. Since India has a huge cultural vibrancy in the forms of dances and languages, the lessons can be put up in different languages. This would enable a learner from Haryana to learn any form of music prevalent throughout India like that of Manipuri, Telugu or Tamil, depending upon the interest.

The lessons can be segregated basically into three forms i.e beginners, intermediate and professional level. The individual can learn step by step taking lessons online and move ahead.

Also, there can be the tests that could be taken where the learners can upload their performance and they could be analysed and given the result. This would encourage many students to come forward and take forward the legacy of India that it is known for music and its arts.

Also, the competitions in musical arts and forms can be held and they could analysed and awarded. This would serve as a great encouraging platform for a lot of students and they shall come ahead to opt for the subject. This would be a great way to explore the talent and make learners comfortable in their own zone by learning online.

Also, the digital platform shall work wonders in uniting the learners from a particular zone and they can conduct performances which would be a great way to gain confidence and learn the better prospects of life, gaining professionalism and the essential skills.

The information can be through the theoretical and practical lessons. Also, the association of teachers and students could be brought up where the learning can take place simultaneously. The people in a particular area can contact and meet to take up the learning. The lessons would be useful for the people who would like to learn and read the lessons on various forms of music. 

Also, the information regarding the programmes that are held from time to time at National, International and State level could be uploaded, which would make the interested people alert of the events happening in their zones and also for the events they would like to attend and participate at higher levels. 

This would bring out the talent, shall lead to proper polishing of the skills and shall bring forth the hidden and awaited talent to be brought out, showcased and presented before life.

This would definitely serve as a great life-changing experience for many individuals. This would be a great thought to ponder on by the Government of India which would be a great platform for the individuals to learn and hone their skills, and take up their interest of music and its arts.

Let the beauty of life be enhanced through music that brings peace, harmony and adds rhythm to life.

This entry has been written as a part of contest on indiblogger in association with #DigitalIndia. For details visit: http://www.intel.in/

- Dr. Srijesh

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Taste Buds Delight!

Delighting the taste buds and satisfying them with the most splendid and amazing Singaporean food is the best icing that the cake could ever have. 

Some of the favourite cuisines from the Singaporean menu that have come to lure my taste buds have been many, and it has come to be my favourite food for all the time and I love exploring the places that serve Singaporean cuisines. 

The dishes that have come to attract me have been many so far, some of which I am going to share here with my taste buds dripping saliva right here while penning down this post.

They are the perfect dancers for me. The best I have come to know till date. The name at first sounded so musical that it made me go for experimenting it at the first sight in the menu itself. Basically, dumpling noodles is a Cantonese dish of noodles that is served with the dumplings that are stuffed with my favourite ingredients being prawns and port.

 Dumpling Noodles (Wanton Mee)

Another interesting for which I have come to build taste is JIAN DUI which is basically friend seasame balls. These are the balls that made with glutinous rice flour and have a wide range of assortment of fillings is find in them which satisfy the taste buds and hunger, both at the same time. 
I call them Drummer because they are round shaped and are much like them, crispy and clear.

Fried Sesame Ball (Jian Dui)

This won my hearts with all the taste that has been put into it while inventing and making the dish. Kudos and cheers to the inventor of the this dish.This ROTI PRATA is an Indian dish that has much resemblance to the pancakes and is eaten with some delightful curry or sugar. This comes as a delight on the Indian dining table and soon becomes the favourite of everyone on the table. The shine is pleasant on the dish and thus, I lovingly called it METALLICA.

 Roti Prata

This dish is popularly known as Singapore's National Drink and thus how could I even think of missing it when I am out for a Singaporean dinner. It is basically a cocktail and the ingredients are not much known, but it was a smooth drink that was pleasant to be served with the dinner. This drink completes the dining table and gives a wonderful experience.

Singapore Sling

It has been an all time amazing experience to be on the dining table with the amazing Singaporean dishes and cuisines to be served, as they have the most vivid and different taste to offer on the table, different from the most usual ones. It is something great to have an experience and delight with loads of fun on the table that would give all the individuals a memorable experience of lifetime on the table. 

The freshness that this Singaporean food promises is one of a special kind and it never fails to make an individual feel special at all the times. 

For more details on SINGAPOREAN FOOD, visit: http://discover.stayfareast.com/

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When the WAIT met an end, and the end was over!

The phone these days has become the most viral and vital necessity without which any step seems meaningless and purposeless. We become so handicapped without this device. Also, these days we need to satisfy and gratify the features that a handset must owe into its skeleton and render its users a good experience serving all the purpose without creating holes into the pocket.

Well, yes you got it right. I would love to #ChooseToStart with new moto-e, reasons being manifold for the features it has come to imbibe into itself.

Let us begin with the journey of exploring the world of new MOTO -E; which has plenty on its plate to offer. 

 With both, the front and the back camera, the camera quality seems promising with flash that has been introduced taking pictures in dark and dim light.

With good size specifications of the phone, the phone seems to be pocket friendly, sliding comfortably and easily into the pockets, not coming into the way of causing hassles into carrying it with some special case or poorly into the little hands.

The side grip of the phone giving it a classy look looks promising while using it. Since phone has become such an important device where most of the work is done through it, the grip of the phone should be comfortable enough so that user does not feel tired of holding it and also gives ease to the user.

One of the main attraction of the device must be its voice control and avoiding the voice attenuation of any sort. This would bring clarity in the conversations and shall make the calling convenient without any disturbances.

The device has an amazing 2390 MAH battery that promises to last whole day long, what more shall a person desire for more in day-to-day busy and hectic life. It is a great boon to the new moto-e device to come up with a strong battery.

Any person's best buddy in life is the music. It is the perfect healer of all the problems in life, trust me, it is indeed. Thus, it is important that one carries one's favourite collection of music so that in times of the need of motivation, relaxation, and salvation, one can give oneself to the laps of the music through one's device and get the best of it. With new moto-e having plenty of internal memory on its plate, one can store and download huge number of songs into it.

The need of the hour within the smartphones is that of a high speed processor since multi-tasking is in trend and has taken p the markets, it is important that phone has a good processor that can run several apps without affecting the speed and much differences in the working of the device.

With 8 GB as the internal storage in the phone, which is itself a good amount, is a great news for the smartphone users to go with new moto-e where the user has the choice to use the micro sd card for the extra storage. The apps, games, and other music items can be easily stored into the handset making it a great wonder device.

The operating system that new moto-e seems to be supporting is the Andriod, which is largely user friendly, consisting and comprising of the most promising apps that make the life of a user quite comfortable, where the user can go easy data management one one's phone itself, also e-shopping, games, graphics, image editing apps, and several other important apps could be downloaded, making it easy for the user to carry out the activities with ease with the notifications, reminders and alarms.

It is important for an individual to maintain a discipline in one's personal and professional life quite appropriately. It has become a common phenomenon for a person to use two numbers, and thus carrying of two phones and thus added responsibility of maintenance and care. Instead, carrying a dual sim phone makes it comfortable with both the sims into a single phone and the ease of carrying it with oneself with efficient maintenance and management.

The screen size of the phone should be appropriate, not being too small and not being too large. It should so designed to make it quite readable and visible to the owner and must be convenient enough to carry out the necessary activities of sending messages, mails, to make the video calls and other related important tasks that one does with one's smartphone.

The internally placed speaker in the phone should be one of a class and should not be compromised upon, for it holds the sole purpose of carrying a phone, to receive calls with the best quality voice, to listen to the news, or to play the music that one would love to listen at any time. A good speaker is a pleasant surprise to the individual.

The phone that falls well within the approachable budget of the wide range of public offering the best of the features one can expect from a phone, being user friendly and convenient in all possible ways.

With these amazing features and labels withing a single handset, is like a perfect icing on the cake, sounding much to the joys of the lives of the people. 

It is indeed a great blessing and a boon to have something so great as NEW MOTO-E at one's disposal which would make life more smooth, easy, comfortable, convenient and stable.

What more shall one ask from life to offer, when one would owe the best problem solver, a good friend with one to carry always with oneself.

For more details on the device, click here : http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ 

And finally one day, when the WAIT met an end, and the end was over!
 ~There was the new moto-e~

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Life's aid with Music!

A lot of strength comes in the words with the aid of the tunes, notes and nodes of the music. 

Same is with life, music adds life to our life.

It is good to submit our life in the world of music, of purity, serenity and bliss.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Optimism and Hopes for the future #MUSIC PERFORMANCE

Optimism and positivity are the greatest virtues of human life that one can ever pursue. It is important to inculcate in oneself the habits of being positive and learning to stay calm and peaceful in all the situations in life because that will bring immense bliss and attainment of big achievements in life.

It is important for an individual to abreast with the high moral values and virtues in life since they make one to achieve new heights and takes one to the path of success, killing down the negatives and failures in life. Optimism helps in fighting the toughest situations with ease and thus should be a part of one's nature.

Life is as we make it and see it. Thus, looking at our life with high values is important as that will aid us to move in a better direction.

The best moments that I cherish are those with my students. They are the source of all joys and happiness for me. They are always filled with high spirits towards their goals of music and always have plans to cheer me up with their performances.

After pouring in all the hard work and efforts into my music lessons, me and my students have a band our own and we are doing quite well giving performances at national and state levels. It is a great achievement for me and my students.

One fine day, we received an invitation to perform for the nationals in Delhi. It was a big news for all of us because till then we had been doing shows and performances at lower levels. We practiced day and night for giving our best performance. We are a group of 8 people and work as a team to work towards our goals.

We plan and workout on them with a strong determination. I was working with a bunch of young individuals and had to keep them motivated and encouraged so that they could give their best.
On the day of our performance, most of us were feeling nervous about the performance. I, being the team lead had to calm them down. They were confident with the pangs of nervousness floating in their nerves.

Our team’s name was announced and cheering ourselves we occupied the stage. We introduced ourselves and gave our performance. To our surprise we heard the loudest cheers during our performance and were asked to give one more performance. We were convinced for our performance, being a good one.

At last when the time of the announcements of results was to be done, we were again holding each other hands. Finally when we heard the runner ups announcements and other consolation prizes and did not hear our name till that last announcement which had our name marked, we were all nervous again, for few seconds.

Lastly, when the result for the best team was announced and we heard our name, we all jumped in joy. It filled all of us with lot of confidence, optimism and the hopes for future.
From there on, we went to give several performances and took our team to achieve laurels and achievements.

Thankyou HOUSING.COM for giving an opportunity to share the experience.



Taking up a new and a bold step in life never gets easy and it was a tough one for me too. I had to take the necessary decisions in life all alone at a point in life. Having lost both my parents at an early stage in life, it was never easy for me to face people from all strata of life, be it professional or personal. When life has to give its best, it definitely tests you at the worst points in life, and thus one must not give up hopes and keep oneself opened to new opportunities and experiences in life.

Since my childhood days, I was very keenly interested into music and learnt varied forms of it with different playing instruments and took up vocal. My parents have always been a source of inspiration for me throughout my life and always motivated me to follow my interests. It is due to their efforts I took up music in my early days of life which have been in favour of mine in the tough days of my life.

I could not continue my education due to the dismissal of both my parents in a mishap. I just cleared my graduation second year exams. It got tough with each passing day. I talked to several people, but could not get any strong response from any end. I took up as a small grade teacher in a private music school that barely paid me for the classes I took. But I decided to continue and develop my skills.

As days passed by, I was learning more things and was becoming a better professional with my music skills. I learned how to handle students and give them the classes. Though I was paid very less, I decided to impart the lessons in children which they could carry in life because everything in life has a purpose and should be done with passion.

One day, I decided to join a school as a music teacher. I gave interviews at a lot of schools. At so many places I was rejected. There were few schools from where I received the acceptance calls. I was happy as there were changes and new things happening with me and around me with my efforts. I decided to join a school near my home where I was selected.

After a year of experience in the school, where I attained and developed more of skills to handle children in a responsible manner, one of my colleagues in the school gave me an idea to start a music school of my own and take it forward. It was a good idea; I decided to work in the same direction. I decided to make good savings from my salary and work on the plans.

I purchased new instruments and started taking classes at my home. My schedules were getting tough and it was tough to take up the initial step. With the blessings of Almighty and my parents, I started making progress in my new work and began making new achievements and laurels. 

Thankyou HOUSING.COM for letting me share my experience of a new life.

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Special Day in the life of a musician!

Music has lent me the best memories of my life, and my mind is at peace with all that I have been able to discover and live with the essence and the presence of music in my life. Though it was difficult at several times to struggle and cope with the other necessities and conditions of life. But great things never come easy in life and we need to struggle for them from time to time and make things happen at all levels for ourselves, for nothing great could ever be achieved without the pain and efforts.

Being served as a music teacher and as HOD in some of the best schools of Delhi, I have come to have a Music School of my own. The memories that have been built are manifold and have given me the smiles and happiness which I shall cherish till the last breath of my life.
I would here narrate an incidence from the early days of my life whose memories are still afresh in my mind. It was teacher’s day. That day the students in the school were playing models and mimicries of the teachers. Students had planned out everything so well. It is a great day for teachers to see how their students see them, precisely, loads and lots of fun everywhere in the school premises.

I have always had shoulder length and deep dark curly hair with a band that always stays right up on my head, typical musician looks. One of my students who is keenly interested in music and singing, planned to play my role. The students have their own ways of adding fun to the things and so they give the best of memories. It was great to see the student really look like me, with the same body language, and coming out with the statements and one-liner like I have always made.

At the end of the ceremony, teachers are presented awards and titles which makes the day more enjoyable and memorable. Since I have been all time favourite among the students, and having been awarded in all the teacher’s day ceremonies till date, this day I was expecting the same. Till the last award, I was sitting behind and waiting, and then finally the wait was over. There was the turn of the “BEST TEACHER AMONG THE STUDENTS” and then there was my name being said after a few words describing me in the best ways which really sounded amazing to my ears. What else could a music lover and student lover expect more in life? I have always loved my students fondly and love being with them, making them to live the essence of music and teaching them the ways of life so that they can be the best achievers in life. After the award being given, my students got me on their shoulders and took me on a round, giving me a special treatment like the Indian Cricket Team winning the World Cup and Dhoni being carried on the shoulders around the ground. It was a great and proud feeling. 

Thankyou HOUSING.COM for letting me share one of my prestigious moment.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Living Life

In the depth of the music, 
reside many souls,
living their lives.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The life with music

The joys and the sorrows of life,
are the best shared in the company of music.

A Silent Sound!

Being in solitude and being with music,
the best of the happening to an indivdual.

Life Support!

Music holds the continuity of civilizations and generations, and is symbolic of life on Earth.

The Magical Power

Music holds the magical powers to heal the wounds of the broken souls!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Notes of Life

A little rhyme and a little rhythm,
tunes up the notes of life.

Purity sync!

The veins that control
 the flow of blood in the body,
are the ones affected 
to the notes and tones of the music,
and there is the purity synced.

Nature's Rhythm

Sow the seeds and care for them the way you want them to rise from bud to seed to flower. The nature has its own rhythm to rhyme.

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Company that matters

A broken and an unrepaired soul is well healed in the company of the music.

A Silent Sound..

In the lake of life,
the love that resides,
are the algaes that furnish,
that rhyme with the tunes,
of the mother nature.

The Notes and The Nodes

Even a deaf can realize the notes and the nodes,
for music is something that is synced,
with the purity of the souls and the hearts,
and nothing else is really bound to matter.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Silent Sound..

There is a life that oozes,
 from the nodes of music,
and nothing else remains.

The Remains!

In the remains of the music,
are the remains of the life.

A Silent Sound..

To kill out the strains and stresses of life,
there are no better laps than the rhythmic locks.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Rhythmic Locks

Discovering the times,
with lives over and again,
where the remains are lost,
found in the locks of rhythm.

The Truth, be it.

Music is a truth,
that prevailed,
and shall continue to flow,
through the civiilizations,
without the pauses & breaks.

A Silent Dream..

For many,
the life with music,
is a silent dream.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A wish

I wish to die in the laps of the beats of music, something that is so pure and intense, I wish.

The power of music

Music has that immense power that can set the captivation of the minds free and make it float in the free air.