Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Transform: from the old to the new


In the times that we have moved ahead to where buying and selling  has become synonymous to the demand and supply orders of the day, whether new or used, it applies to all the products, alike, and online buying and selling platforms have made the task quite easier and competitive where it has become a win- win situation for everyone, whether buyers or sellers.

I have been a gadget freak since my childhood, and I used to keep them them with me until this platform of online buying and selling of used items came into play, because going out to sell them never attracted my mind and I never found it worth. So as this revolution of online buying and selling came to rule the market, it came to me to put my gadgets to effective use by selling them to the people who want them. To my surprise, there came a pleasant experience to me when I put on the ads with the product pictures and descriptions for selling out my old gadgets.

The whole experience has been quite versatile as I had good, bad, funny and annoying experiences. There were buyers who would really want to buy, and there were some who would just kill your time and mind for nothing. So there has been a learning too, to avoid the non- serious sellers who would simply waste your time and efforts, and would want to put down the buying and selling deal. It is important to identify the right buyers and sellers while making the choice for the deal.

Cashify has been a great platform where I could find genuine price quotation for my products at an appropriate price where I did not have to negotiate or enter into any kind of arguments while making the deal. It has been a peaceful experience as compared to other sites where such a task becomes cumbersome and tedious. Such a neat and clean experience provided by Cashify has been very peaceful and praise- worthy.

My laptop which was already used for almost 4 years found a good buyer at appropriate price which did not make me suffer and also the buyer was happy to get a good deal. The rights and duties of the buyers and sellers are managed and maintained appropriately without creating any kind of problems to anyone. The privacy issues are effectively handled by Cashify to such an extent that it comes out as a pleasant experience for everyone alike. One of the most important thing that has come to stay with me after selling of my old gadgets is that one can be genuine with the product descriptions at Cashify and get a reasonable price for them, instead of specifying fake specifications which would not only fool the customer and deprive him/her of his peace, but also the ethics and morals of trust are being shaken to a great extent. Thus, it is imperative and important for both the parties to maintain the integrity of such platforms.

It is essential to understand the needs and the means at one's disposal. Here such online shopping platforms like Cashify help to clean up the homes in easy way and help in weeding away the unwanted gadgets and also bring up some cash in return for the exchange. where one can purchase and sell things according to oneself come to play a tremendous role. The terms and conditions should be appropriately laid down which makes the experience of such site and app useful and fruitful at the same time.

Cashify has in fact brought in a huge transformation to the way we buy and sell things online and has revolutionised the era in several ways.

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To have this experience click on to: https://www.cashify.in/


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