Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Life with music!

In the journey of life that I am traveling in, music is a great blessing that has come in my life and gives me the best moments of my life. I celebrate each and every moment of my life with music. It has given me both the major aspects of life i.e the learning and earning. Music has come to occupy my life in such a manner that I cannot think of a moment of being away from it. 

Music is something I cannot keep myself away from and draws me near to the Gods and Goddess. It is tremendously soothing to the mind, body and soul. This is one of the best form of medication for our body and does amazing wonders. I have had loads of experiences where music has done wonders. Also, the nature has its essence associated with the music which has loads of stories associated with it since the ancient times.

There are lots of songs that make me go pleasant and sound like those by Kishore kumar, Mukesh, Lata Magaeshakar, Mohd Rafi, and lot of other great singers and musicians. Sharing a list of the songs that have been my all time favourite would be a great delight and pleasant experience to be there on my blog page that would remind of the best times and the memories associated with them. The amount of pleasure they have given me from time to time, in the times of anxiety, in the times of happiness, in the sad times, in the rainy season, in the wedding times, in the dance and fun times, the partying mood, and other such instances. Music has all of it for different moods and stances, and it is a matter of great proud for all of us to live to this beauty of music that satisfies our needs of the rhythms and music in our life in the most wanted and the amazing way.

These have been some of my favourite songs on my playlist which would last till the last breath of mine. Though the ones I have mentioned here are all from the old days of bollywood but the charm and the aura that is associated with them is amazing. They bring down my memory lane a lot of memories and a lot of pleasant experiences in life which would be amazing to cherish on any day. These give me a lot of strength and courage to withstand the realities of life and make it one of the best with the blessings of Almighty, the blessings of parents and the blessings that music has come to bestow upon me in my life. I am too much debted to the world of music for giving me a means of livelihood and helping me to cross the tough and difficult stages of life courageously and with power and strength in the mind. It has made me a better and a strong person in a very less time. It has lent me peace of mind which nothing else could do. The void it has filled within me is not comparable to anything.

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