Friday, April 24, 2015

Across the path of life with Music!

The musical rhythms that we have come to enjoy and rejoice in life are a great gift and blessing of the Lords and the Almighty. We should respect it and consider as a great boon to the mankind that it renders human civilizations so much to rejoice and enjoy in their life.

Music is a great art that comes in the life of an individual and never takes one back from it. This is a pure addiction that one gets used to and never tends to leave it throughout the journey of life. Every individual is at some point of time or the other lives the company of music and enjoys it, no matter whatever the situation may be. It is a great mind relaxation medicine available that cures lots of ailments and gives inner- peace and strength to an individual.

In the journey of life that I am traveling in, music is a great blessing that has come in my life and gives me the best moments of my life. I celebrate each and every moment of my life with music. It has given me both the major aspects of life i.e the learning and earning. Music has come to occupy my life in such a manner that I cannot think of a moment of being away from it. 

Music is something I cannot keep myself away from and draws me near to the Gods and Goddess. It is tremendously soothing to the mind, body and soul. This is one of the best form of medication for our body and does amazing wonders. I have had loads of experiences where music has done wonders. Also, the nature has its essence associated with the music which has loads of stories associated with it since the ancient times.

In my free time, I also love to read books on music and its evolution and various forms. These again make me fall deeper for the music and I begin to enjoy it even more with more spirits and enthusiasm. Music is something that keeps me alive and makes me to face even the toughest obstacles of life fearlessly. It instils in me the faith and confidence for life which has made me strong as a person. 

Music has been a part of living since I have three years of age and by the grace of God, has become my most valuable possession and love. I cannot think of any moment being away from it. It instead draws me closer towards it with each passing moment.

Thus, across the path of life, we must enjoy and celebrate the moments and make them count as precious in life. All the moments in life are precious and thus make the journey of life worth living.

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