Friday, June 3, 2016

Ready with the redi-GO!

What a journey it would be to have an amazing fusion of the compact cross-over and urban hatch-pack to be standing at the doorstep to lead us to wherever we would want to, to make our lives easier, comfortable and luxurious by the end of the day. When I coming to describe of all the above features, I can avoid looking at anything but not NISSAN's newly launched REDI-GO, that comes with amazing blend of fun, freedom and confidence with amazing set of features. There is a great amount of satisfaction when one gets to know one is being offered the best of the two worlds, which would be the prime preference for any individual to take the life to its best and make the best out of it.
The three features of the Redi-Go that caught my attention have been the amazing exteriors, interiors and the performance levels of the car along with the great amount of comfort and safety that the car offers are no less eye-catching. 
The exteriors of the car are sleek and compact, giving it a robust appearance. The car has an amazing sporty look which gives it several plus points on designing front. The lean dynamic side character lines add a lot of to the stance of the car. The D-Cut grille on its outside speaks of the splendid quality. Also, the high stance which gives a better view of the surroundings is a classic feature in the Redi-Go, which cannot go un-noticed. The class ground clearance is a great feature for the car designed for Indian roads to avoid any kind of road obstacles on the streets. Considering safety, the car also has daytime running lamps which shall let people know that the car is coming. The head and the tail lamps differentiate this car from the others with the latest technology being employed into them.
The interiors of the car offer comfortable seating pattern for 5 persons, giving enough space to all the passengers. The audio system settings, dashboard layout, and the power window layouts in the car interiors are impressive to lure attention towards the car. The seats of the car give sporty appearance. 
Another feature which caught me is the performance level of the car giving an impressive fuel economy with 25.17 km/litres. The 799cc engine seems quite impressive again to stay longer on the roads with the i-sat engine technology which has a great response to the fuel quality and power requirements. The augmented brakes and the crash protection shell of the car gives it plus points in looking forward to spin this car.
For the test drive I would love to take this car into the traffic zones to test the efficiency of the car and see if the promises being made are at par. I would really look forward to test the car for efficiency of the engine and the comfort that it promises in the interiors. This would give me assurance as to if it can take away  my driving blues into the urban areas.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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