Friday, July 29, 2016

Growing and learning with the art of story telling

Story telling and story listening, both of them are one of the most cherished art for the parents and children at the same time. Teaching the art of story telling for parents to their kids is very essential as it leads to the growth, development and progress of the child in an amazing manner that just sees positive growth and makes the child to learn and grow in a progressive manner. It is important to build up new ideas and bring in ways of creativity to keep the spark alive within the children that would keep them curious to learn and develop new ways to step ahead.
Well, coming to think of when was the last time when my children narrated me stories is not that old. It has been done recently when the colgate strong teeth packs arrived at my home and my children knew no boundaries to control their excitement and wait as to what was lying inside the pack. It happens each time whenever the courier guy arrives. This is the excitement. The kids are always ready to open the packet and reveal as to what lays inside the packet.This time it was cards and packs from colgate that had amazing sea characters and creatures from the sea world which meant loads of fun, play and excitement for them. I was happily seeing all their activities and it was pure joy and fun to see them in this joyous mood. It was bringing me pure delight and joys. Ofcourse, needless to mention, it is amazing for the parents to see their excited and happy, nothing else brings more happiness to the parents.
The children sat down with me for cutting the characters from the packs and involved me into the activity. It was like I was reliving my childhood days of cutting and learning from the charts. The kids then starting interacting amongst themselves regarding the characters, started arranging them in several random patterns one after the other as to suit the conditions and situations of their story telling one by one. It was amazing to see the flow of ideas and imaginations from the children. The mystical stories that were coming out from the children was coming as a great surprise for me. As this time I was not the one narrating the stories, it was the other way round. It was the kids narrating the stories to me this time and generating out new lessons and stories in several creative and amazing ways. It was after several hours that my wife visited the room where I was having fun with the kids listening to their creativities and imaginations, and she realized the fun she had missed. We started teasing her on the fun we had. It was a lovely way that brought joys to me and my family and we all had a great time. It was then that I decided to have such fun activities with the children that would bring fun and learning at the same time. This also helped me to learn a lot of things as a parent. 
With this, I would like to thank Colgate for sending me the packs that stored lot of learning, fun and joys for me and my family.
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