Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Art of Music #DigitalIndia

Music is a great art and is a profoundly thought possession for most of the individuals if provided the right and appropriate platform to explore and learn the required and desired skills at the right time at the right age at the right time.

India is a land of various forms of music and has a huge history associated with it. From the times immemorial it has been known as a great art. There must be a platform provided that would be convenient to approach and take up.  

It is important that care is taken to explore this talent within the kids. The main hindrance that is met by most of the Indian kids is the lack of platform to learn and showcase their talent. It is found that there are many kids who really interested into music as compared to the number of kids that come forward and take music into their life.

One of the major step that could be taken by Government of India through the Digital platform is by providing a platform for the kids to learn the music lessons be it vocal, or instrumental or any sort of musical lesson. 

Also, the students can put forward their queries which can be answered and responded by the music laureates. They can take up the queries and revert back with the solutions to the learners.

This would serve as a great platform for the learners to educate themselves into music through online platform

The lessons could be uploaded for the several musical art forms. Since India has a huge cultural vibrancy in the forms of dances and languages, the lessons can be put up in different languages. This would enable a learner from Haryana to learn any form of music prevalent throughout India like that of Manipuri, Telugu or Tamil, depending upon the interest.

The lessons can be segregated basically into three forms i.e beginners, intermediate and professional level. The individual can learn step by step taking lessons online and move ahead.

Also, there can be the tests that could be taken where the learners can upload their performance and they could be analysed and given the result. This would encourage many students to come forward and take forward the legacy of India that it is known for music and its arts.

Also, the competitions in musical arts and forms can be held and they could analysed and awarded. This would serve as a great encouraging platform for a lot of students and they shall come ahead to opt for the subject. This would be a great way to explore the talent and make learners comfortable in their own zone by learning online.

Also, the digital platform shall work wonders in uniting the learners from a particular zone and they can conduct performances which would be a great way to gain confidence and learn the better prospects of life, gaining professionalism and the essential skills.

The information can be through the theoretical and practical lessons. Also, the association of teachers and students could be brought up where the learning can take place simultaneously. The people in a particular area can contact and meet to take up the learning. The lessons would be useful for the people who would like to learn and read the lessons on various forms of music. 

Also, the information regarding the programmes that are held from time to time at National, International and State level could be uploaded, which would make the interested people alert of the events happening in their zones and also for the events they would like to attend and participate at higher levels. 

This would bring out the talent, shall lead to proper polishing of the skills and shall bring forth the hidden and awaited talent to be brought out, showcased and presented before life.

This would definitely serve as a great life-changing experience for many individuals. This would be a great thought to ponder on by the Government of India which would be a great platform for the individuals to learn and hone their skills, and take up their interest of music and its arts.

Let the beauty of life be enhanced through music that brings peace, harmony and adds rhythm to life.

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- Dr. Srijesh

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