Saturday, March 21, 2015

Optimism and Hopes for the future #MUSIC PERFORMANCE

Optimism and positivity are the greatest virtues of human life that one can ever pursue. It is important to inculcate in oneself the habits of being positive and learning to stay calm and peaceful in all the situations in life because that will bring immense bliss and attainment of big achievements in life.

It is important for an individual to abreast with the high moral values and virtues in life since they make one to achieve new heights and takes one to the path of success, killing down the negatives and failures in life. Optimism helps in fighting the toughest situations with ease and thus should be a part of one's nature.

Life is as we make it and see it. Thus, looking at our life with high values is important as that will aid us to move in a better direction.

The best moments that I cherish are those with my students. They are the source of all joys and happiness for me. They are always filled with high spirits towards their goals of music and always have plans to cheer me up with their performances.

After pouring in all the hard work and efforts into my music lessons, me and my students have a band our own and we are doing quite well giving performances at national and state levels. It is a great achievement for me and my students.

One fine day, we received an invitation to perform for the nationals in Delhi. It was a big news for all of us because till then we had been doing shows and performances at lower levels. We practiced day and night for giving our best performance. We are a group of 8 people and work as a team to work towards our goals.

We plan and workout on them with a strong determination. I was working with a bunch of young individuals and had to keep them motivated and encouraged so that they could give their best.
On the day of our performance, most of us were feeling nervous about the performance. I, being the team lead had to calm them down. They were confident with the pangs of nervousness floating in their nerves.

Our team’s name was announced and cheering ourselves we occupied the stage. We introduced ourselves and gave our performance. To our surprise we heard the loudest cheers during our performance and were asked to give one more performance. We were convinced for our performance, being a good one.

At last when the time of the announcements of results was to be done, we were again holding each other hands. Finally when we heard the runner ups announcements and other consolation prizes and did not hear our name till that last announcement which had our name marked, we were all nervous again, for few seconds.

Lastly, when the result for the best team was announced and we heard our name, we all jumped in joy. It filled all of us with lot of confidence, optimism and the hopes for future.
From there on, we went to give several performances and took our team to achieve laurels and achievements.

Thankyou HOUSING.COM for giving an opportunity to share the experience.

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