Friday, March 20, 2015

A Special Day in the life of a musician!

Music has lent me the best memories of my life, and my mind is at peace with all that I have been able to discover and live with the essence and the presence of music in my life. Though it was difficult at several times to struggle and cope with the other necessities and conditions of life. But great things never come easy in life and we need to struggle for them from time to time and make things happen at all levels for ourselves, for nothing great could ever be achieved without the pain and efforts.

Being served as a music teacher and as HOD in some of the best schools of Delhi, I have come to have a Music School of my own. The memories that have been built are manifold and have given me the smiles and happiness which I shall cherish till the last breath of my life.
I would here narrate an incidence from the early days of my life whose memories are still afresh in my mind. It was teacher’s day. That day the students in the school were playing models and mimicries of the teachers. Students had planned out everything so well. It is a great day for teachers to see how their students see them, precisely, loads and lots of fun everywhere in the school premises.

I have always had shoulder length and deep dark curly hair with a band that always stays right up on my head, typical musician looks. One of my students who is keenly interested in music and singing, planned to play my role. The students have their own ways of adding fun to the things and so they give the best of memories. It was great to see the student really look like me, with the same body language, and coming out with the statements and one-liner like I have always made.

At the end of the ceremony, teachers are presented awards and titles which makes the day more enjoyable and memorable. Since I have been all time favourite among the students, and having been awarded in all the teacher’s day ceremonies till date, this day I was expecting the same. Till the last award, I was sitting behind and waiting, and then finally the wait was over. There was the turn of the “BEST TEACHER AMONG THE STUDENTS” and then there was my name being said after a few words describing me in the best ways which really sounded amazing to my ears. What else could a music lover and student lover expect more in life? I have always loved my students fondly and love being with them, making them to live the essence of music and teaching them the ways of life so that they can be the best achievers in life. After the award being given, my students got me on their shoulders and took me on a round, giving me a special treatment like the Indian Cricket Team winning the World Cup and Dhoni being carried on the shoulders around the ground. It was a great and proud feeling. 

Thankyou HOUSING.COM for letting me share one of my prestigious moment.

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