Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Taste Buds Delight!

Delighting the taste buds and satisfying them with the most splendid and amazing Singaporean food is the best icing that the cake could ever have. 

Some of the favourite cuisines from the Singaporean menu that have come to lure my taste buds have been many, and it has come to be my favourite food for all the time and I love exploring the places that serve Singaporean cuisines. 

The dishes that have come to attract me have been many so far, some of which I am going to share here with my taste buds dripping saliva right here while penning down this post.

They are the perfect dancers for me. The best I have come to know till date. The name at first sounded so musical that it made me go for experimenting it at the first sight in the menu itself. Basically, dumpling noodles is a Cantonese dish of noodles that is served with the dumplings that are stuffed with my favourite ingredients being prawns and port.

 Dumpling Noodles (Wanton Mee)

Another interesting for which I have come to build taste is JIAN DUI which is basically friend seasame balls. These are the balls that made with glutinous rice flour and have a wide range of assortment of fillings is find in them which satisfy the taste buds and hunger, both at the same time. 
I call them Drummer because they are round shaped and are much like them, crispy and clear.

Fried Sesame Ball (Jian Dui)

This won my hearts with all the taste that has been put into it while inventing and making the dish. Kudos and cheers to the inventor of the this dish.This ROTI PRATA is an Indian dish that has much resemblance to the pancakes and is eaten with some delightful curry or sugar. This comes as a delight on the Indian dining table and soon becomes the favourite of everyone on the table. The shine is pleasant on the dish and thus, I lovingly called it METALLICA.

 Roti Prata

This dish is popularly known as Singapore's National Drink and thus how could I even think of missing it when I am out for a Singaporean dinner. It is basically a cocktail and the ingredients are not much known, but it was a smooth drink that was pleasant to be served with the dinner. This drink completes the dining table and gives a wonderful experience.

Singapore Sling

It has been an all time amazing experience to be on the dining table with the amazing Singaporean dishes and cuisines to be served, as they have the most vivid and different taste to offer on the table, different from the most usual ones. It is something great to have an experience and delight with loads of fun on the table that would give all the individuals a memorable experience of lifetime on the table. 

The freshness that this Singaporean food promises is one of a special kind and it never fails to make an individual feel special at all the times. 

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