Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Fantastico - The birthday celebraitons!

The celebrations are a great way to build up memories. It is important to have celebrations and festivities time together with the family. This keeps the family well bonded and united with each other. The feeling of being together with the best people of one's life is the best thing that can ever happen to an individual in life. It brings us the best of memories and makes us happy and cheerful. We must cherish these moments to the best of we can and make them beautiful memories which would bring multiple joys in all the walks of life. There is a different kind of essence of being together and being associated with people around an individual.

Here, comes the role of family where it plays a fantastic role in building up a successful ladder in life filled with great memories. It is a great blessing to make the best of memories with the family. They are the source of all the positive aspects of life as they fill us with the wonders of joy, happiness, optimism, discipline and several other related important aspects of life. Another great thing about being together with the family is that they keep the person high on hopes in the tough times as well. They never look down upon the person and instead motivate an individual to give the best performance. This is the best thing that one can ever ask in life.

Here, I would like to share a memorable moment from my life that stays fixed in mind and remembering it brings huge smiles and happiness to me. Me and my father share their birthday. I am happy that both of our birthdays fall on the day. We celebrate this great day together and build the best of memories. Also, the whole family gets together and enjoys the day with lots of activities like games, dinner, and hangout.

It was my 25th birthday. Everyone in the family was so excited to celebrate in the best possible ways. Different plans were put forward by all the members and we were given to select amongst the several options. Since the birthday was on weekend, we planned out for a short family trip to Shimla. I had totally different kind of excitement within me. I knew it was going to be a great day. The plans were properly executed. We played and had so much fun over there. The gardener also enjoyed with us and gave us lots of fresh fruits. The fruits were amazing and all of us were having so much fun.

Later in the evening, the dinner party arrangements were done by my cousins. It was really surprising the way they managed everything in a decent and in a responsible manner. It was so amazing to see the family going out together on a weekend and spending time together. Those were really the best and precious moments. It is great to spend time with family. They give us the best moments of life. Some of the best memories are built with the lovely people we have in life and we must value and regard them. 

My 25th birthday celebrations are the lovely memories of mine. I wish to have many more such beautiful memories to be built with my family. Family times are some of the most fantastic times one can have in life.

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