Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Fantastico - A fantastic and memorable day!

I have always aspired and wished to work on women issues and make them empowered. Since I had a good exposure to education, I learnt all that I could and through my education wanted to uplift the poor and rural women and work for their betterment. My family always supported me in this regard and went ahead with my ideas to inspire and motivate me to work for the noble cause.
I started taking small sessions  in the village schools and imparted them the lessons of the importance of education, on the importance of good health and hygiene, regarding the family and other moral values. There were 4 schools in the village initially and I could easily cover all the schools once in a week. I made it mandatory in my schedule to make the visits more oftenly and do the talking to the children. It was important to keep them motivated because the village children have the highest drop out rates. My husband also took the charge of teaching and imparting educating the village kids.
Within a short span of time of two years, thing began to change. Both of us were happy to see the results and making things happen at the grass root level. More schools came up in the locality and more number of children were enrolled in the schools. The number of girls enrolling in the schools increased. The ratio of boys to girls education was improving. Also with the village panchayat I started to organise awareness programmes for the women in the village. With every programme, the changes were being seen. Though the change was quite low initially, but after few meetings and programmes the figures started imporoving
One fine day, I decided to take permission from the Village panchayat regarding the conduct of a social function in the village where several competitions and activities would be taking place, which would encourage villagers to participate and shall imbibe an urge to learn more.
The day had a lot in store. It has been a great memorable day  for both of us, when me and my husband were rewarded the same day and we spent the later part of the day together in our own personal way. He kept making me feel special by present a bouquet, ice-creams, shopping, etc.
All arrangements were done by the school teachers and members in the village. My husband supported me throughout in making the event successful. At the end of the event, to the surprise of me and my husband, we both were given special award and status by the whole village. They presented us their gesture in the form of a momento. Village head presented us with the momento and inspired us to keep the great work for the society. I was happy to see my husband rewarded for the great work and for the steps that he took to get along with me to work for the upliftment of the village.
That day became a very important day for both of us. In the evening we went out for dinner date. It was great like always to be in his company. He has the best talks to do and the best messages to present. The same day he took me on a short shopping spree and got me dresses and spent the entire evening with me, making me feel special with every passing moment.

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