Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of clean surroundings

"I am not lazy, just on the energy-saving mode." How laborious does it get for a man to get into the four walls built close area or into boundaries and drain out their bladder ? Or too tiring to gently spit out the holy water from their cheeks out into the bins. Just too lay to get away with the excuses of no one is seeing, who cares, everybody does the same, etc. It is the very same that the walls of your sofa set are the red walls where you do the same ? Or the walls of your home are drained by your pious liquids? Take it personally, I would not mind at all, for that is what I want you to. Take it by heart. 
Sigh! One gets too lazy, so it does not matter. Whatever I am saying here shall also laze around an individual, for when one is lazy, it does not make any difference, sayings just go unheard and unanswered. Sadly God employed us with just two working arms. Too lazy on God, right ? One can employ someone to unwrap your and pull down the pants incase it lacks the zip to pee around. Is it getting to0 much from me ? Okay yes, then next time find the walls that would be waiting for you in some corner which would deter me from these. They would happily welcome you and you shall be at the right place.
Help Modiji, in keeping the India clean, into his plan and dream of "Swacch Bharat". One can do one's bit, for may be some day he shall mention your name in his praise and thanking speech. Would it not be great to have one's name being heard by Prime Minister of India. We should do our best buddy, not just for the praises but for our own hygiene and concerns. It shall keep us up into our own eyes and others eyes as well. We should not fall within our own eyes. Instead we should play safe, play amazing. Why do we want ourself to be mocked at ? Or giving others a chance to laugh and comment at us for something so weird and not even praiseworthy ? How great it would be when we would follow the norms and other things in a manner that is being appreciated by the society.
Once we are doing appreciable things and there is nothing great that would come as happiness to us and others. Keeping surroundings clean is important to swipe away the diseases and living a healthy life in a clean environment. Inspire oneself and others into this mission to use the washroom, at-least government does it out well. It would not be shameful to go to the wash rooms and hang around there for a while our peeing would get over. It would be a promising experience each time and we might begin to feel good about yourself. All the best, man!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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