Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of good aura!

A good aura has huge impact on an individual as well as others around the individual. When you call a living thing an organism, it is bound to have a body; and every body has the smell of its own. Each and every organism carries those chemical factors that generates a response, and these are called pheromones in the scientific terms. This smell makes an organism to differ from the other organisms socially in the same species, precisely.
The "smell" of an organism is like the two sides of the same coin, i.e it has the two aspects associated to it. One of them being positive and the other negative. When talking about it in terms of human species, the body smell that is being carried by a person determines the personality of the individual. It has an aura of its own. Its leads to the generation of the views about the traits of an individual.
The positive smell carrying the good amount of energy and a pleasant aura that leads to the generation of favourable vibes around the person. The way of interaction is largely determined by smelling factor. It is highly suggestible that a positive smelling person shall lead to the positive ideas and outputs. Something that is really good about the positive smell is that one becomes socially acceptable and this social acceptance leads to healthy outcomes at the workplace or at home or at any other place. This ultimately leads to happiness. A positive energy creates a healthy environment. The fresh energy is always present with the positive smell. It is thus essential to carry the pleasing energy that comes with positive smell.
The other smell being 'negative' that carries a lot of negative energy with the person around. No one around the individual feels like interacting with the person. A negative image is being thrown out by the person. In short, the person is being boycotted socially. There is nothing good that comes out with the negative aura being carried out by the organism. Well, who would like to hover around the awful smell. They are neither at any acceptance and nor at any social gain. There is nothing good about it. It actually leads to seclusion from the social surroundings.
Thus, there is a lot to do with the smell that a person carries with oneself. The environment that is developed around an individual is largely associated and linked with the 'smell' that the person carries. One should not give unpleasant feelings to other people around the person and should carry oneself responsibly in the environment that one goes to. One should be socially responsible and take the best measures to avoid rejection and any sort of humiliation. One should be positive about one's attitude. Smell positive, smell healthily! That's the secret to success and happiness. A good aura is thus one of the major constituents of an individual's personality and has a huge impact.

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