Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of my pet on my life!

There are lots of things that have an impact on an individual. These things affect a person differently. They define the behaviour of the person. They define the basic character of the person. It helps in building up the staircase of their life. And had it been something else apart from that particular thing, life would have been a different scene altogether. Thus, there are lots of things that come across the way of an individual which shape the life of an individual. There are several times in the life of a person when some moments become the special and memorable ones. They become the best of memories and stay with us forever. We should be hopeful and positive about our life. We should keep creating and welcome such moments in our life. These shall make our life worth living, peaceful and harmonious.

I am going to narrate here an incident which is a part of my life and I will always remember it. I have a little pet, which is around 3 years old now. I got it as a gift from my brother on my 21st birthday. I was surprised by the gift. I loved it. It was the best gift ever that made me happy. From the day one, I was mesmerized by her. She was beautiful and charming. I named it Missy. I love her more than anyone else on this planet. I love playing and talking to her. She listens to me at all the times, for instance in happiness, bad mood, anger, stress and tolerates my all forms of human emotions. She knows how to wipe away my tears and cheer me up. She enjoys when I am happy, and she feels sad when I am sad. She even misses me out during the day when I am out to college. She has become so much accustomed to my bed that she does not feel like sleeping anywhere else in the house.

One day, she met a severe road accident. She was hospitalised. She got fracture at several places and also some injuries on the knee. She was admitted in the emergency ward. Also, she was in an unconscious state when brought to the hospital. As soon as she regained my consciousness, she found me waiting beside her. I found her weak. She was all teary and I knew the reason. She licked me on my right hand and expressed her love. Doctor and others asked me to be with her for her faster recovery. She did not want me to leave and also I did not want her to be away from my sight. To the best of her joy, I accepeted what doctors said and sent my parents to home for rest.

She is an expert to handle and understand my emotions and expressions. She could not sit and had to be lying on bed. She was not in a state to play and hug her. She understood her state and asked me to be strong. She tried to make me feel comfortable. We talked for an hour and then she was injected with medicines that made her sleep. I loved the way I comforted her and the love she had for me. She pampered me as much as she could in the time limit. She gave me the hopes that she ll be fine and shall be back home soon. I really love her so much and cannot think of any day without seeing her. She keeps motivating me to go ahead in life fearlessly and face the troubles with ease. She has given the company to me in my most precious moments. I am blessed to have her in my life. She has infact had a huge impact on me and my mindset and made me a stronger person than I ever was.

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