Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Impact of family bonds!

There are lots of things and happenings in life that make the life interesting and make an individual to celebrate all the moments in life, if one learns the art to rejoice the events and make them worth remembering down the memory lane of life. The family bonds hold huge amount of significance for that matter. One should be hopeful and lively all the time and should make efforts to make life a beautiful celebration. This helps in the creation of beautiful memories and aids in the capturing of best moments in life.
In the beautiful journey of life that I am traveling, there are lots of things that have become so dear to me and I celebrate each moment of my life with them. My family and my friends have become my life. Also, the employees that have been working with me are also an important part of my life. They are loyal and have become important for me in the journey of life. With all of them, my journey has become so smooth and peaceful that even the toughest and most difficult situations vanish away with the blink of an eye. This is so much that one can ask in life when one can rejoice and cherish the moments in life.
With family I cherish on the dining table, on the outings, on the trips, night parties and mid-night games at home that has become a daily ritual for all of us to get together and spend some time together in the daily busy schedule of life. This makes all of refreshed and prepares us for the next day. Also, we discuss the issues and sort them out well amongst ourselves. This has made all of us so confident and has made us decisive.
My friends have also been an important part of my life and have always been with me in my happy and sad moments. In the tough times of life, they always stood beside me and gave me strength to be stronger and bold in life. They have supported me emotionally and financially in my bad times and have never looked down upon in me. This has made me a better person and made me to fight back life from the worst of the situations. It is fun to go around with them in life as they would make life to be counted as a healthy and lovely one. Few of them being finding time for the other members in the family, having family chores together, joining everyone on the dining table for the meals, sharing the interests and the importance of family as a whole by going around to meet relatives, organising and planning get togethers.
I am thankful that in the journey of life, I have these important people in my life who have made me to relinquish and cherish my life. I am blessed to have found them in my life. They are the grace and the sunshine of my life. Thus, family bonds have a huge impact in the life of an individual. 

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