Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Impact of education on society

Education from the times immemorial has a huge impact on society which cannot be ignored, to this present date, in the state has become synonymous with degree, marks, grades, and percentages. The state that was once known for knowledge, enlightening the globe all over has lost its fame. There were scholars, scientists, leaders, etc who were once proud of this education system that provided a pavement for the world. The current account stands on the stories of flaws that have come to acquire the roots of this system largely.
The schools and colleges have put margins on their admission criterion based on grades. The top rated ones have no seats for the low grade owners, lest they be the most talented singer, dancer, painter, or in other fields. The celebrities will definitely find a place for them getting doctorates from those universities or the institutions, no doubt. Coming to these facts, the suicides, murders, crimes and such dreadful acts have increased manifold. To speak beyond that, the quota system of this country clears and speaks off everything. Where a student from general category with 95% cannot make into the best of school or college, and 80% from the other categories makes it to that particular seat. Similarly, a better ranked person fails to secure a seat in the institute, despite the quota ranked makes to it. Can any part of the education system justify this? It is the sin that happens to a general category child.
Efforts have lost their presence. Practical analyses have lost their meaning. And so is the reason, we have buildings falling every other day, bridges collapsing, brain drain, wrong treatments being given to patients, increased number of malpractices, etc. There has been a fall into almost all the spheres, on which the economy of a country stands. How can a country rise with a so called “turning-out-to-be-fake” education system ? The instance stating could be of a successful business-man who might be a school drop-out and runs his work in a more responsible and better way than a person graduating from the top business schools or business management institutions. It is the skills that matter in the long run. Why not lay emphasis on imparting skills to the generations?
Also, cannot there be a universal education system? Why do we need to rate few colleges as the best or top rated or on low rankings? The education is meant equally for one and all, then why such demarcations? It were just the religions that had different teachings to that one common God. The science, math, geography, physics, etc require no separate teachings, they are same everywhere. It is just that the society has starting analyzing, comparing and putting notions and opinions for everything, considering themselves as the best or the situations that suit them the best. Favoritism is on the up-rise, drifting to something more dangerous and worse.
The education does not flow with the high owners of the grades. The education enters or opens its doors for those where the knowledge is sought to be gained. Thus, we can see that education has a huge impact on the society and there is a need to bring out revolution into education so that the whole society sees the progress and development. 
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