Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of mindset!

Of-course in a human life for a human to act, there are better ways for the expression of love and feelings for someone one is not married to, apart from sex or involving into a physical relationship.  After all, it is a fact that it ain't very loving to have an unwanted toll of issues on the mind such as those of getting pregnant or being attacked to a sexually transmitted disease or to make someone feel as if you just want them for their body.  It is not loving to engage in any activity that displeases anyone now or later.

And sex is not any form of entertainment.  If someone is really bored and finding ways for amusement and relaxation, one can look forward to options to go to the cinema or go for a run or to the fun park. One is not entitled to misuse something as important as sex just for a bit of mindless fun.  That would be like hiring a luxury car like phantom or Rolls Royce just to pick up some shopping from the local market– a waste, that would be a misuse of something so precious and pious, something that is far more important, may be if used properly.  Other people’s bodies are not just toys for us to play with and then discard. There is a valid reason which says breaking up from a sexual relationship is much more emotionally painful and much harder to forget than the one that did not involve sex. There are several neurochemical processes that occur during sex, which are the act as a strong “glue” to human bonding.
Sex is a powerful brain stimulant. When someone is involved sexually, it makes him or her want to repeat that act. Their brain produces lots of dopamine—a powerful chemical, which is compared to heroin on the brain. Dopamine is your internal pleasure/reward system. When dopamine is involved, it changes how we remember and relate to the things. On a general note, the human sex drive is so strong (at least for most people) that it happens, just happens. It has always happened and shall continue to happen, always. It happens because people seem incapable of controlling that urge themselves or their desire, which leads to pre-marital sex and the inevitable destruction of the family due to deadbeat fathers and mothers who cannot support children. A great deal of poverty in developed nations can be deemed the result of pre-marital sex because people are not taught self-control and their ultimate consequences.
Social opposition to and legal restrictions on extra-marital sexual activity are a typical factor in most human societies, but are especially pronounced in societies where religious justifications for rules of conduct for sexual relationships and the family unit are prominent. The causes behind it have been established including curiosity among the youth, proof of manhood, lust, pornography and its adverse effects, insanity and sex promiscuity as well as moral decadence among the youths.
Sex is a powerful force that can destroy if not used properly. Like atomic power, sex is the most powerful creative force given to man. When atomic power is used correctly it can create boundless energy; when it is used in the wrong way it destroys life. Sex is the same kind of powerful force. Sex is to give us the greatest pleasure, to help in creating a deep companionship with one's spouse and for procreation of the next generation. Sexual activity for young people arrests their psychological, social and academic development. Studies show that when young people engage in premarital sex, their academic performance declines and their social relationships with family and friends deteriorate. This is because adolescents are too immature to deal with the explosive sex drive and it tends to dominate their life.
Sex isn’t essential.  You’re not less than human if you are a virgin.  You’re not repressed if you wait until you’re married before sleeping with someone:  you’re sensible!  Jesus was born of a virgin, but he was also a virgin himself, while remaining a completely fulfilled and perfect human being.  And sex is not just another experience to add to one’s collection. Sex is not like going mountain climbing or sky-diving or bungee jumping – just another exciting way to spend a few hours, and nothing more.  And sex is too important to just be an experiment.  You don’t need to go “all the way” to know you’re sexually compatible with someone – if you’re a boy and they are a girl, and you’ve both got everything you’re supposed to have, then you’re compatible!  It’s not exactly complicated. Oftentimes, in breakups of people who have been sexually active, they can’t tolerate the sense of emptiness, so they rush into another relationship. The neuro- circuits did not have time to reset, and so they’re impaired in their ability to bond with the next person, and they may become sexually active with them. This is just a repetitive cycle, and there are real impairments in bonding going on.”
Knowing how these neuro-chemicals interact and change the brain help us understand why sex is meant to be kept within the boundaries of marriage. You see the overtones here about God’s design for His pure temple. This is another reason why the devil attacks our sexuality so much—because in attacking human sexuality, it actually interferes with human bonding. So, for those practicing sex outside of marriage, they are creating a bond with their partner, thus inhibiting their discernment of whether they should remain in that relationship. There is a power that wired and designed our brains for a specific purpose: to bond ourselves with the person we marry.
The final or ultimate act in a marital relationship is sexual intimacy. This element of physical intimacy allows a lawfully wedded couple to consummate their relationship. This is important for their future companionship and possible procreation.

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