Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Fantastico - traveling smartly into the Himalayas!

Into the modern times that we live in, the life has become so paced up with a speed that one is barely left with options with oneself to look back and travel back to the old times and be to places that one has been associated in the past. Though, not everyone might be having the attachment to the past ventured places, but then there are few who wish to venture and discover the old places.
May be the modernisation or the metropolitan lifestyle has messed up the things that way. Not to boast off, but my own life has been all city-like and the hustles and bustles of the city life. The lifestyle has so much become engrossed into this metro-city kind of lifestyle. Now, when #Skyscanner makes to make a choice of the destination we would like to visit in 2014, my personal choice is to visit some villages in the Himalayas.
The reasons being plenty for my choice to go for a countryside tour in the Himalayas. Earning some peaceful state of mind is the primary motive. The mind has been so much wrecked up with the busy working schedules that we have forgotten the importance of our own selves. We have engrossed ourselves so much into the working schedules, that we have come to ignore the things lately.
The Himalayas have a lot to offer. The empty roadsides to go on for a walk at any time of the day is refreshening beyond words. The strength that comes to the mind is unbelievable, is what I have heard and read at so many places. I wish to experience this activity on my own in the laps of  mother nature, since Himalayas are the home to our God.
The simplicity of the life of the villages and people residing there brings me to curiosity to have such kind of venture into the Himalayas. I would love to share some space with the common people and the locals out there to know of their living, instead of making a choice among the hotels, which again would be the sophistication of the city lifestyle.
The purity that lies within the hands of the mother nature is what I wish to explore. I have had short trips with my friends and family and have minute of  such experiences. What I am looking forward is go on a solo travelling where I can explore more about my curiosities and the mother nature, of all the queries that I have been left unanswered so far.
Also, my mother had always been citing about her trips of how she enjoyed the freshly lying vegetables and fruits in the Himalayas. Her experiences have always lured me to have such kind of adventure on my own. Her narrations always make me more curious to discover that hidden pleasures and joys of the Himalayas. As a kid, I have been always over-protected and kept in the comfort zones all the while. But not that being a grown-up kid that I am, I have been given that little freedom to explore my country and ride down into the ventures of mother nature.

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