Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of get together with family!

Family togetherness has a huge impact on the teachings for children. It teaches them the essential qualities of life such as brotherhood, happiness, importance of living together with the best virtues of discipline, confidence, unity, and several others. There is no better bliss for a father, to hear the success stories of their children. This gives ultimate happiness, the feeling of accomplishment and attainment of pure bliss in life. Both of my daughters have given me lots of days to cherish in life making them the memorable days of life. Now, when I count memorable days on my fingers, my fingers fall short of the number. I have so many stories of the wonderful days to cherish and relinquish upon, which make me to tag myself as a proud father. Sounds great, eh ? Indeed, it does.

The story of a great day, which goes fresh in my mind as I pen down this post, is of the day, when I my elder daughter won the National Science Olympiad in her 10th standard and my younger daughter was selected in the state's basketball team. Both of the great news came to me on again a very special day for me, which was my wife's birthday. I had no better reason to be happy on that particular day. 

I thanked God, for the great things that were happening to me and family. We all had the best reasons to celebrate and cherish. They were the great achievements for my whole family. Everyone was congratulating us. The number of calls that we received that day surpassed the whole month's calls. Everyone got too busy on the calls, that we had to put our phones on silent mode and plan the celebration and enjoy the day together.

After me and my wife got free from our official work, we planned out our evening. We all decided to go for a shopping spree, followed by dinner and lastly by offering prayers at temple. We all went to Cannaught Place in Delhi for shopping. I delighted my daughters by getting them the clothes, shoes, accessories and all that they wanted their cupboard to be stuffed with. My wife got a saree for herself and a pair of wedges for herself. It was their day and I wanted to see the smiles on their faces. I wanted to congratulate them for giving me the best moments of my life. After the shopping spree, we went to Warehouse Cafe for Dining. We opted for the terrace table and went there for our dinner. We all were having a great time. We had several talks and laughter on the dining table. 

After a good time on the dining table, we all went to Hanuman Mandir at Baba Kharak Singh Marg in Cannaught Place. It gave us the ultimate satisfaction by thanking God for the wonderful achievements and blessings. We sat for sometime in the hall for sometime. After our visit and prayer offerings in the temple, we left for our home. After reaching home, we played snakes and ladders. It was so much fun. We were celebrating the best moments of our life. It was a great day for all of us. We were enjoying it to the fullest and making the best out of it.

It was a great day for all of us. The feeling of togetherness that we experienced on that day were amazing and from then on we celebrated togetherness quite often, making lots of memories. It is important to celebrate good times with family. It brings lot of amazing moments and thus in-turn creates a huge impact on the minds and souls of the children.

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