Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Fantastico - The happy child, the happy family!

A happy child leads to a happy family and a happy family brings up a happy child. Both of them go hand in hand and are true to a lot extent. A happy and a healthy child is the best lifeline of a family. The child becomes the reasons of all the smiles in the family. The child is the ultimate attention receiver of all the members of the family and thus the happiness of the baby must be ensured in all the possible ways. The best care of the child is taken by the mother of the baby. The baby's mother knows the baby in the best manner and knows the comfort zones of the baby much better than any person in the world could ever know for the child.

There are lots of things that make my baby smile and happy and I ensure that best care is given to the child in its upbringing and best facilities are provided to the child so that child's growth and development is ensured in the best of interests of the child, his family and the nation.

There are lots of things that make my baby smile. Some of them being - the teddy toys, the conversations, bells, comfortable clothing, massage amongst the list of several things.

The teddy toys: He loves the fur and soft stuffed toys. He loves it when they kept all around him. He keeps playing with them one after the other. It gives me immense joy to look at him when he plays with the teddy toys around him.

The tickling and giggling by his father: He really enjoys the way his father tickles him in the abdominal region. I love to see him tickle the child because the child smiles endlessly at this act of his father. Also, the face shows that he presents is amazing along with his father.

The bells: He carefully listens to the sounds of the bells and responds to them by making sounds which are difficult to decipher, but the smiles that comes on his face is priceless. I have brought him numerous bell sound making toys.

Comfortable clothing: They are the ultimate secret of all the smiles and happiness that the child enjoys, which he would get to know in later chapters of his life. He enjoys for long durations without getting disturbed and loves playing around with his toys all the time. This minimizes his frowning time and cries.

It is to be ensured that good care is taken of the child so that child can enjoy and grow in the best possible manner. The child should be provided with the best of the aids and facilities like good quality diapers that would keep the baby dry, comfortable clothes, lots of toys and colourful bedding for the child. This would keep the child busy with its stuff. A happy child is indeed the truest blessing for the family. He is the reason for ever lasting smiles in the family. A happy child brings a lot of happiness, joys, springs, and fun in the family.

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