Saturday, February 20, 2016

Impact of hot water bath!

Breathe well, eat well and live well. And then the question arises as to "how well" ?
After all, the fragrance tops off the outfit. It is more like a signature that one bears and wears, then why not decorate oneself with the fragrance that lasts even longer than the shirts that pass away ? 
Well, there lies a thin borderline difference in the good and the bad odour. We all have a body smell of our own. There are those lashes that raises the brows and the noses of the individuals with the smell around. The whole lot of deodrants and perfumes in the markets find a huge demand, but nothing beats being waking up oneself with a healthy and fresh hot water bath. 
The fresh fragrance that is being emitted after a fresh bath is mesmerizing and cool in a lot of ways. This not only makes one feel fresh, but also makes one favourable and acceptable. Being accepted and being favourable is almost everyone's prime choice. Thus, it seeks no point in avoiding to treat ourselves well everyday.
There are several encounters in the day where we treat our smelling senses with the smell which would be either qualified as fragrance or odour. The acceptance goes well in the favour of the pleasant smelling beings. The rejection hurts. Then, why not give a treat to the bodies where an individual actually resides.
The worst encounters that I have across are in the gym where people come around with their badly smelling socks, shoes, t-shirts. Also, during the train journeys, lots of passengers travel unfresh and in an unhealthy manner, not respecting their own selves and emitting smells and odours creating an unacceptable environment around themselves. Also, in the construction site areas, where labourers work day-in and day-out, the unbearable smells hover around. Then, there is another set of people who visit their offices and workplaces in an unhealthy manner.
The ardent solution could be that the bad smelling soon realize the importance of landing in the bathrooms with the soaps and the water, keeping aside their ignorance and avoiding the encounters. The smelly kinds soon need to realize the differences that lie between them and fragrant kinds, for finding them more social and acceptable in the mankind.
The solution that comes out to the problems of these set of people is refreshening themselves with the hot water bath. This could be well served with the instant water-heaters, where it would save the time and also conserve electricity and energy, and ultimately being more feasible and friendly. This would lead the individuals to be more eco-friendly and more acceptable in all kinds of environments around themselves. A fresh breeze would be created around them which would lead to positivity and favourable conditions.
A good fragrance gives one the identity and the personality, and takes one right to the directions where one wishes to be. Its a formidable weapon, and hence must be put to use wisely.

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