Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of proper sanitation

India, a vast country of 29 states that comprises of millions of villages into its land area where the open defecation is the major problem. This in turn gives rise to numerous chronic diseases and also death in several cases due to serious ailments.
Despite of several state and central government schemes and plans, such as those of GRAMIN SEWA YOJANA's, the problems are still grave in most parts of the country. The issue of open defecation has not yet found the concrete solutions and thus the problems continue to arise in varying dimensions.
The possible solutions to this problem must be brought out effectively and must be implemented in order to achieve the vision of a healthy India where no one would face the problems related to defecation and diseases that take birth due to it. It is essential that we as responsible citizens of this country come forward and find collective solutions to this problem by contributing to the society in the best possible manner, for HUMANITY is the best religion.
It is a pleasure to know that brands are coming forward and taking the initiative to build better defecation grounds i.e toilets by contributing and constructing them and donating for the cause to pave ways for a clean and hygienic India which would be healthy and ultimately prosperous. There are many brands which offer and look forward to cleanliness and they must come forward and participate in the initiative and take such steps as make India a better place to live in.
Defecation is one of the prime problems that most of the villagers face in this country. Proper funding must be done for building up quality toilets with proper disposal facilities and cleanliness means, like those of SULABH Toilets. Once this problem would be solved and sorted, lots of sanitation problems would find a solution. Women and children would be the major beneficiaries of these facilities where they would be exposed to better sanitation facilities and getting rid of defecating in the open.
Lack of good sanitation facility at any location is the breeding place of many ailments due to poor hygienic conditions and improper education to the poor people of the problems that arise as a result of defecating in the open. The villagers must be taught the importance of good hygiene which would solve the problem as many people would be a part of the initiative and shall come forward for solving the problems.
The idea of SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAN proposed by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi would find its aim completion with the concrete solutions to this problem of open defecation, when people would be concerned and conscious about their health and environment at the same time. It is essential that we as responsible citizens of this country walk along together in order to have this aim fulfilled and not just leave it as another single man vision.
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