Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Peppy on the dance floor!

Rumi once said, "Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.” Dancing is a great stress buster and it relieves one from the stresses of life.

How true the above statement holds ? Well coming to think of it, my family has been there with me in the worst of times and the sad moments fade away quickly with a blink of an eye when I am with my family. Also, this knows no limits when it is being accompanied by dance and music. The joys of everyone would know no boundaries when they would get to know that they themselves are going to be the main centres of attraction and making everyone else knock and tap their feet loud on the dance floor. One should be lively and happy about oneself and this would spread lots of smiles and joys around.

Well, coming to tell of it, I would love be the host for this party as all I have come to know is that my family has been the strong pillars of my life, and dance and music has given me the means of livelihood. They have taught me largely as to how to manage and handle life in the tough situations and through which the life can be taken towards peace and tranquility. To this day, I cannot think of standing without my family, dance and music. I love them the most in my life and they bring all the happiness closer to me in huge dimensions. They know how to make me live each moment of life with grace and shine, and make the life worth living in the best of interests. They are the harbingers of joy wherever and whenever they step with me and are all the reasons for making me smile with each passing moment. Their main motto is to spread as much smile as possible and this is what I have come to learn and adopt in my life; and here 'there' refers to dance, music and family.

What more shall one ask from life. They are the source and means of all completeness in one's life and make life truly colourful and vibrant. They have been the best gifts of my life which Almighty has bestowed upon me. It is a great art to spread smiles on other’s faces. This would emanate positivity around us and shall create an environment that would spread love and happiness. There is nothing better than this art to learn and enjoy the life and celebrating the life in the best ways possible; and nothing better than dance, music and family serves this purpose better. It is a great blessing to have them in life and growing up to live to this beauty forever.

So the requirement of the life is to step up on the floor and go around tapping the feet, and simply enjoy life which keeps the peppiness alive in life. It is important to keep oneself happy and peppy in life, and should find ways to entertain oneself in life.

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