Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of the life with hopes!

life must be lived with hopes and aspirations as without them there would be no purpose of life and there is no point in leading such a life. There are lots of hopes and aspirations that one has in life from oneself and others. Everyone wishes to have a peaceful and comfortable life. For a wish if granted to me, I would love to attain the blessing of a constraint free life. Few of the things which I would take up in life had my life been constraint free are as follows.

Have a farmhouse of my own where I would be gardening and cultivating all of my own vegetables, flowers and fruits, depending on my choice. This would be a place of toiling around for a nature lover like me and going around for a walk into its lanes would be a great dream coming true for me. This would be possible only when I would taking myself away from this constraints filled life, giving myself the opportunity of living a hassle free life. I wish to make Earth a better place to live in and thus would be planting as many saplings possible, doing my least bit to drive away the guilt of spreading pollution through my own vehicles.

I would love to go around on a world trip where I would concentrate my journey to be all about nature and its offerings. The scenic beauty has always come to lure me. It would be long dream come true to have this dream coming true on my dream list. Also, another thing about the round the world trip is that I would prefer gong out on a solo trip, where I would be getting to explore the nature on own terms and conditions and studying nature more closely without being affected by other's plans and sayings.

Making facilities available for the orphan kids: It would my pleasure to work and donate for the orphan children who lost this most pious love at their most tender age. I would ensure to provide maximum facilities to maximum number of children possible to bring smile on to their faces and take them close to fulfilment of their wishes, desires and aspirations. I would love to surprise them with the gifts and chocolates from time-to-time to keep the charm of their lives alive so that they can give their best and they receive the little amount of love possible. 

I would love to work for the cause of humanity by serving the destitute and homeless people by giving them the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. I would love to do anything for these unserved and left out people. It would be a great delight for me to work for them and make special arrangements for their recreation and entertainment where they shall not feel left out.

Making the food available for the poor and hungry people, India is home to millions of people who do not even get to see the food. It is a great pain to see people deprived of the basic necessity of life i.e food. I wish to do my least bit possible to provide food to maximum number of people so that no one has to go bed hunger-ridden. I wish to make changes in the social pattern of our system where people come forward to remove this extreme poverty position from the society, where the poor people come at par to receive the basic needs fulfilled such as those of food and clothing.

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