Saturday, February 20, 2016

The #Fantastico religion - Shopaholicism!

Shopaholicism.. An overly and lovingly followed RELIGION throughout the world!!
The religion that every individual on this planet would love to cherish around for whole the year around with all the fun and frolics that is being associated with the charisma of going around shopping. This could vary in forms being from window shopping, group shopping, individual shopping, etc.
The shopping needs no reasons at any particular time. This could be well stated from the fact that we as individuals have themselves created multiple reasons to shop all around the year with varying accounts such as festival shopping, marriage functions and parties, birthdays have become so purposeful, get together, and what not. Well, out witty mind could come out and frame up any rationale to pick up the wallets and go around shopping.
Shopaholicism is the favorite of all the festivals, especially for females. This is one of those festivals which is celebrated throughout the year along with all the festivals. If there emerges even a single tiny reason to shop around, pick up  the wallets and rush to the stores, malls, markets, etc to pick up the stuff.
The shopping season around the festivals being associated with road-side pickings, malls, shops, local markets. The bargains add a lot to the fun of shopping. A lot of bargaining happens, depending upon the bargaining skills that one possess, after all bargaining is another skill/art with the individual with varying degrees. What fun it becomes when you get back to your homes, and pay more attention to the amount saved through the bargains around.
Another feather in the crown of shopping these days is being offered by the cashbacks and the #coupons. Shopping these days is seeing another level when it has gone viral with online platform with everything being at individual's disposal. Not just purchasing things, it has become easier to sell the products even. What more fun could it be with the offers at one's disposal with these coupons and cashbacks. This has given multiple reasons to shop and has added to the craziness and liveliness to man's life. The savings multiplies the factors of happiness. They add to the sheer joy and fun.
Shopaholicism provides a lot hormonal satisfaction. After all, shopping is one of the best FEEL-GOOD-Factors available. For instance take a frowning kid  for shopping, the kid would cheer-up and give up his reasons of frowning. Also, gifts and presents add happiness to the ill-person by narrowly(or even widely) associating the idea of shopping.
After all, shopping is cheaper than affording a psychiatrist, and a lot more madness, and madness is fun. Shopping leads to happiness and pleasant surprises for oneself and others. It is a great way to pamper and treat oneself in amazing ways. 

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