Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of learning in life!

Life is an opportunity and we must hail it and learn from the instances that come our way, whether it may be success or failure. Being optimistic is a great art and every individual must possess it, for it has its own charm and aura associated with it. It is one of the most amazing weapon that one can ever be in possession of. This comes with different lessons and learning in life. Life is a wonderful teacher that teaches us different arts in different degrees.

I have always been a pampered child and never had to face any difficulties and hardships in life. I should be thankful to Almighty for these splendid showering that he has upon me for keeping me blessed throughout this journey of life where now I have seen enough number of people suffering due to their problems and situations they are thrown upon by life. It is all through the optimism levels that I have come to learn by now. This happened on fine day when I visited to a special kids school with my cousin who has a special child. I mentioned the word "special" here twice in my last sentence because they are not normal kids and their state is differently designed, for they are autistic, their thinking levels are different, unlike we normal humans.

I saw lots of parents there with their kids, children taking special care of them. The team that was making efforts to handle them and teach them the basic things and imparting lessons to them. Also, there was a team of doctors and psychologists there. I managed to talk to a doctor there, where I was told about this ailment of autism. I happened to learn a lot of things like their mindset, what kind of abnormalities are these, what is the cause of their occurrence, and a lot of other questions that I was answered by the doctor whom I managed to be a friend till date. I still contact her for several of my queries related to these special kids as I began my studies on them. As the time passed by, the things were coming as an eye-opener for me with each passing day. I was learning something new each day. Also, people in India are largely unaware about this particular disorder.

With each passing day, I was learning to be positive. There were changes in my behaviour and in my attitude towards life. I am a changed person as of now for there are lots of blessings that I have always enjoyed and I would continue to cherish and relinquish. I decided to be hopeful about the situations and happenings around me. I decided to talk to people more often about this disorder so that more and more people are aware of it and they make others aware of it. Though it can be totally cured but there are efforts that everyone of us can make in making things better for them, instead of neglecting and ignoring them. Also, government and non-government organisations are coming up these days to address this issue and taking steps to make things better for kids with autism and special needs. Awareness for this particular cause has to be brought among the people so that they do not see it as a curse and disappointment and instead learn to fight the disorder with the right attitude in life. It is important to have such learnings in life as they make a person strong.

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