Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of cleanliness in life!

Well, coming to talk of cleanliness, there is a lot that we citizens of this country need to learn. The ethics need to be imparted and is much needed concern of the society. How often do we give ourselves the chances of being un-noticed and escape from the eyes of the others ? If we really care enough, often see and mock at others. So is it not possible that how much good we might be at escaping, but there would be someone noticing ? Okay, Negi aunty in the neighbourhood makes it out so well that she goes out at four in the morning and dumps her waste near the statue being built in the colony, like most others who do it a more appropriate timing of six or may be seven. Negi aunty you are being observed. Even if you are not, God is seeing you. I am saying this because I know you believe in him as I always see you with two hands full of stuff while you make your way to the temple. "be afraid of God, he is for sure seeing you, and what is the need of making yourself guilt ridden for such a thing, garbage-picking guy just charges few bug to ensure the cleanliness, pay him and stay clean from the guilt of being unobserved"

Aunty dumped the waste here, and there come so many such packets. So many pee on these walls, lot of them do the honours to the wall. The tobacco eaters have painted the walls red, why should not the other paint them red as well and assist others in the making of a beautiful artistic colourful walls.  "Oh I am hungry, and the banana diet, super rich, and there goes down one peal, the other one, and then another, and the place is rendered its over natural beauty here and there. I am doing some favours to it" over heard someone down the lane on my way for window shopping one evening, mocking and making a conversation with his friend.  Well , can it get more creepy and weird ? The fun and excitement of their that is so manifold on the playing with nature and surroundings, and later blame the municipal corporations for the improper surroundings and breeding of diseases through these unhygienic measures and conditions.

We must be responsible for ourselves and not wait for others to take a step forward and make the change. Change  begins with self and it must start from oneself. We are afraid with the name of God. I have seen and observed peoples' actions in the public places. They outwit themselves and make a mockery of themselves.  Man, know it well, God is everywhere, and not in the washroom and toilets. Use them! He will not punish you. Negi aunty dump the waste when the garbage-picking boy comes, he is doing the service for you. There are dustbins on the sides of the roads, and even if not, dump them at adequate place, this prevents slipping and injuries, and also the dirt from spreading. Cleanliness is thus the need of the hour and must take good approaches to keep the society neat and clean.

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