Sunday, February 21, 2016


India is a nation with significant young  population. They can play a crucial role in the process of nation building and contribute effectively to the society welfare. Thus investment in education, in sharpening their technical skills, professionalism and awareness about their responsibility towards the society, would be key to prepare them for nation building. The way we nurture our youth into capable, committed and confident citizens will determine the future of our country.

Nation that we wish to built cannot be just random sketch but need to design a blueprint which contains values, aspiration, welfare, hopes of the people of the nation. Our constitution  inspire us to build a strong, inclusive and modern india. We promised to secure to all the citizens of this nation justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. The core principles of democracy, secularism, gender equality and socio economic equality became the light bearer for our journey ahead.

The education that our system seek to impart to our youth must be clearly defined. First, it must teach them how to control their lives, which can be done through character building, healthcare, improving ability to learn, sharpening their skills. Second, it must teach them to understand the basics value of life through the study of history, philosophy, religion, science. And thirdly, education must teach them how to enjoy their lives through friendship and relationships, study of art and culture. Hence, our education system must build on these basic values to develop our youth.

Education system needs to inculcate spirit of democratic behavior, gender equality, accommodation for divergent or contrarian views, idea of secularism, moral ethics and appreciation of rich diversity of our nation. Gender equality is essential to built an inclusive and egalitarian society. unless women participation on equal terms and in equal numbers in the process of nation building, all efforts to build an prosperous nation will remain incomplete. Respect for women is deeply rooted in our civilizational values, which are reflected in our constitution. A spirit of respect and equality towards women must be instilled in our children in our homes, school, colleges, institutions. It must guide social conduct of an individual from the early age.

Inclusive and egalitarian society  will lose its meaning without the socio economic equity. Citizens are empowered through the right to information , employment , food and nutrition, education backed by legal guarantees. Various programmes and schemes have been launched effectively by the government for the financial inclusion, creation of model villages and formation of digitally empowered society  which are helpful in creating enough  opportunity to meet the ambitions of an aspirational India.

The nation which our founding fathers of constitution had dreamt of, has to be an india which ensure a decent and fulfilling life for all its citizens. To attain this, all  have to work together to develop an environment which will bring innovators, financiers and entrepreneurs to explore the young minds. The higher academic institutions have a clear role to play in ushering the entrepreneurial abilities of the students.

Tomorrow belongs to youth. Youth commitment for the welfare, prosperity  and  to national goals will determine the path of India future growth and development.

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