Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of honesty and truth in life!

Truth and being honest holds a huge amount of significance in the life of an individual. It is important that one abides one's own conscience and follow its instructions so that one stays in the eyes of oneself. This brings lot of inner satisfaction and happiness. Truth brings  the relations closer and sets away the complexities and makes the life look simpler and easier. The life's best achievements are achieved when we keep ourselves accompanied with the truth and set the tough situations in the life easier and makes things look worth while and the times easier in the life style.

The life style has a huge impact when we are stick to the truth at almost all the times in the life. It is important that we reveal and stick to the truth whenever we are faced with the complex situations. We should avoid telling lies as telling truth puts us in the safer zone. Also, when we tell the truth, we do not have to remember it and infact see the life easily and comfortable in the best of favours for ourselves.

One of the best things about telling truth is that we can be near to our dear ones in the worst of our situations, and face them confidently and effectively. The life becomes all the way more easy when we speak truth at all the times. There have been several situations in life when going out with truth helped to be on a safer side and made me to be in better position. It  was once when me and my friend were out for night party. We planned initially of not telling it to our parents and  keep it a secret one. I was feeling odd about the fact of hiding of the party from our parents. My friend was still confident about the secret sneak out at the party. I made a call to two of my friends and asked them if I should tell it at home and make my way to the party. I received the same reply as the one my friend who was going me to the party gave me. They all were on the side of  to not inform at home and instead enjoy the party. The amount of impact that truth had held on me since that day has been great. It has almost changed my life to a lot extent and the way I see things now and the way I used to see earlier. There is a huge amount of difference in the lives that I have lived pre and post the incidence.

The whole way I kept thinking and analysing the situation on my own to whether I should inform at home or not. I decided to call my brother and inform him about the plan of the night party. He sounded little low of not informing him earlier about the party and was afraid what to inform parents about the party at that odd time, for he was saying that he would have comforted the parents earlier than at this odd time. I felt sorry and asked him to inform parents about it. He convinced mom dad about the situation and asked them to be all cool about it, when I was feeling scared and afraid about the same thing. My mom called and asked me enjoy at the party and be safe and call when the party gets over.

At that particular time, when everything was settled, I felt comforted and enjoyed my party to the best possible extent I could. I was tension free and was feeling good about informing my parents and for not lying and making excuses about making way to the party. This really helped and made me more confident and happy about myself. I learnt not to hide things and instead explain the things in a healthy manner. This saves a person from a lot mess and problems in life. 

It is therefore very essential that we realize the importance of speaking truth to our parents, let them know about thought process, because that is how they will grow and mould themselves according to our thought process and keep them in confidence for they are best people and would always love to hear truth from us and keep us in the best of situations and shall always love for the truthful way we adopt and follow in life. Truth does a lot of honours to a person and one should always abide the truth and honesty.

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