Sunday, February 21, 2016

#Fantastico WORKOUT Planner for the week.

The workout must essentially become the important part of our lives as this is a way to keep oneself healthy, and thus this leads to mental and physical fitness. The weekly workouts should be planned well in order to attain the desired results and take forward the baton of a healthy body and mind. It is important to keep in mind the several aspects in and out of the gym. The planner of the week should be such that the desired results are attained and efforts are being made in the right and appropriate direction.

The weekly planner should be like (not compulsorily), giving a day for each body part and taking up the exercises for the particular body part. Since there are seven days in a week, we can split the workout in the following manner. This could definitely go on to vary from person to person, depending upon the region one wants to concentrate on to.

Firstly, Arms which includes biceps and triceps workout. A decent number of 7-8 exercises which would include the exercises of both, the biceps and triceps should be taken up followed by stretching, which would not make the muscles sore.

Then second day, Legs workout is again a major body part where the exercises should include workout for all the regions of the legs, like that of hamstrings, calf muscles, hip region, and others. Again, a good number of 7-8 exercises should do the work.

Thirdly, Abdominal workout. Good care must be taken that abdominal region exercises are done in the rightful manner. 5-6 exercises suffices the job well.

Then comes chest and back workout : A mix and match of 7-8 exercises of the chest and back region works well. The body posture and position should be correct and should not be bent in a wrong way which would lead to certain spine or other problems.

Fifthly, Shoulders and sides workout: 5-6 workouts for the sides and shoulders are quite enough. While doing the shoulders region workout, the positioning should be appropriate.

There comes, Cardio concentration: A day where one must concentrate on cardio and give rest to the weights. This improves circulation and body immunity levels. This increases the strength of the body.

Last but not the least, the Resting Day: After the week's workout, one must rest for a day. It is important to give rest for a day in the week to the body and muscles. This improves the strength of a person and prepares the body for the following week.

This is a great way to keep oneself organised and fit throughout. It is important and essential to maintain fitness and keep high standards in terms of health as this leads to a healthy lifestyle.

The week could begin from any day of the week, and not necessarily from Monday to Sunday. The need is to wake up and make your life healthy, wealthy and wise with a rightful approach. It is important to follow a schedule in day to day life as it has huge impact on our living and our lifestyle. To have a healthy lifestyle, a routine workout pattern is very essential as it will keep the body mechanism in a rhythmic manner without giving it shocks.

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