Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of reporting social and sexual violence!

There is an ardent need for the humans to realize the importance of reporting social and sexual violence. This reporting would inturn have a huge impact on society and shall help in creating a wise society free from social evils. Not reporting of the sexual violence is one's own choice and according to the individual's rational and personal decision, the individual should keep in mind and consider their following rights and possibilities before taking a decision, and making up one's mind before the presentation of the case.

Sexual attacks and violence involved often leaves the mental impact on victims, and often it heads to psychological disturbances which may affect their personal and social acquaintances largely. There are several ways and instruments through which one could forward and seek help in case of sexual violence. It can be seeking help from someone closer, describing and reporting them about the sexual violence attacks. This can be helpful in regaining interpersonal behaviour after the act which is traumatic. To address the issue several psychological counselling and therapy centres in India have come up where the victims can taken to receive medication, counselling, and rehabilitation.

If the victims keep the matter hidden and do not bring it forward, they are denying themselves justice and letting the assaulter to hang around freely, letting him/her to commit further crimes. Also, the medication and other remedies, and help does not reach to them, if the act is kept silent. The medical assistance should be immediately taken in order to prevent any kind of diseases or unwanted pregnancy or any other related issue.

It is important that the victim must report the act of sexual violence it keeping in mind the fact that the perpetrator can attack others too and shall continue to assault others. Reporting would enable the people in charge to take appropriate actions and shall prevent any such acts by the attacker. It shall empower the victim and shall enable him to live confidently and in a respectable manner. The victim need not to feel ashamed of the act of the perpetrator or any of the mis-happening that happened.

Thus, the victim need not be ashamed of anything and should not consider political, personal, or any other social obligation in order to step ahead and to go forward to report the incident/accident. This would not let the abuser roam around freely, and make them the victim and the individual as brave survivor and fighter who would be an assistance in preventing the crime to spread further.

The victims often prefer to hide the sexual violence and brutality in order of the fear of humiliation from the society and because of the fear of neglect and negative attitude and behaviour of the people towards them. The victims could be males or females, depending upon the perpetrators. There are lot of reasons and causes which leads to the non- reporting of the sexual violence cases which is a negative aspect of the society. The taboo associated with such acts should be shunned and a positive outlook should be given out which would lead to the awareness among people and the victims get their justice and perpetrators are punished.

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