Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Peppy Passion following!

There are lots of things that brings joys and happiness to individuals and makes life worth living and accountable for one's own self. It is important that we realise the importance of life and make it look great for our satisfaction. It is important to attain the moments of bliss by making it to be defined according to the interests and passion that one holds for life. It is different for different individuals for the range of interests vary from person to person.
The things that I am passionate about in  life are sports, education, teaching, cooking and swimming. These have been my immense interests that keep me lively throughout. They infuse in me the ability to discover myself better and pose new challenges for me to unravel and achieve new milestones each time. I love carrying out these activities at all the times without any second thoughts. They make me more closer to my own self and I cherish the journey of my life when I am doing the things that I am really passionate about.
Sports has always been an integral part of my life. I have given up on so many things at so many points in life, but sports has been one such thing, which has always been my partner and has never been away from me. I love them to the core, both on and off field. I follow lots of sports religiously and keep myself updated.
Education and teaching, have been other two important things of my life. It is a give and take process that we are to follow throughout in life. It is important that we delve this art carefully, else the charm to learn vanishes away and renders life meaningless, and serving no major purpose.
Kitchen is one of my favourite hideout place. If I am off field, and off from the library, another place where I could be located is the kitchen. Easy guess for the people who know me quite well. I would be found experimenting new dishes in the kitchen, salad designing, testing new curries and several other tastes. This makes me happy and gives me lot of pleasures. 
Swimming has been my childhood passion and I have followed it without much pains in life. I enjoy it with my kids and have decided to owe a pool in the coming year to fulfill the endless desire of swimming into the personal pool.
Passions are inbuilt and cannot be forced upon anyone. These are inner desires and cravings that one has. Every individual is passionate about something or the other, it is just that we need to put better efforts and find them out and discover them whole-heartedly. Every individual must be curious and lively about something or the other in life as this would give an individual inner satisfaction, peace and happiness. This shall a person away from the boredom and worries of life. Thus, it is important for an individual to be passionate about something in life as this would make life crazy and funny that would bring smiles to the person.

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