Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of constraints free life!

A life without constraints is the best blessing that one could ever have in life. Infact it is one of the best happening that can happen to any individual.
The best of the things which I would do if my life would have been constraint free would be:
a) Educate maximum number of individuals in the country: This is the greatest asset to any individual which would help anyone in life to make the best in life even in times of constraints. It is important that every individual in this country is educated. This would enable them to fulfill their dreams and aspires. Also, this shall make them capable of fulfilling their basic necessities and amenities for themselves and their families. Also, this would enhance the literacy rate in India which would be a great achievement for the growth and development of the country.
b) Make healthcare services to be available to maximum number of people: This would be a great help to the needy and poor people who cannot afford the healthcare services even when in need of them. Making the medicines available for the ailments easily available would be a great blessing to them. There are lots of individual in the remote areas of the country that do not get the adequate medical facilities for themselves. So, I wish I can do the least possible for them by providing basic medical facilities so that the health of the individuals in maintained timely.
c) Making public toilets in the locations where the sanitation facilities are not available. This would prevent the spread of diseases and would come as a blessing to the local population for whom the basic sanitation amenities are out of reach. The sanitation facilities are the basic requirements of individuals, and to answer the nature's call, it is important that the individuals get adequate sanitation facilities when they are out of the homes. It is essential to take care of these basic needs of individuals. Along with governmental plans, it would be great if other parties and individuals take up the initiative and serve the public interests.
d) Also, making provisions for the availability of food for poor children and making them to avail proper food and nutritional facilities. It is important that every child receives adequate nutrition so that the development and growth of the child takes place efficiently. This would lead to proper growth of the country's young minds which would lead to growth in paving the path of the country forward in terms of scientific progress and developments.
e) Lastly, would take up initiatives to help in discovering the missing people and assisting them in finding their families. It is a great pain for the families whose children, adults and old-age people go missing. I wish to take up the initiative to set up organisations that would aid in finding out the lost individuals and make them meet their family at the earliest.
I wish, I would some day be able to fulfill such wishes and make the society a better place to live in.
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