Sunday, February 21, 2016

The maintenance of health and hygiene! #impact

It is very disheartening to come to know of the facts and figures of the sad affair of health and hygienic issues that the people of this country face especially in the villages, even in the dawn of 21st Century where the world sees new inventions everyday and India is no less, being on the path of development having grave issues related to those of sanitation and open-defecation.
The problem of open defecation breeds so many diseases and ailments such as those of typhoid, dysentery, malaria, etc which are serious threats to life, shifts the things to worse and leads to poor health and hygiene of the individuals. These diseases which take a huge toll on human lives needs to be curbed.
Despite the millions of the funds have been spent and sanctioned for the issue of open-defecation, the problem has not yet found a full-proof and concrete solution. With the increasing population, the problems are digging deeper holes with every passing day, and the hygiene maintenance seeing the falling standards. 
India, the developing state, is in a supreme need of healthy, happy and hygienic nation which could possibly happen when the problem of open-defecation is solved at the grass root level and eradicated from the everywhere.
The females and children are the worst affected with this problem of open-defecation. Poor hygienic conditions and deteriorating state of health affairs is largely seen to affect a huge population.
Seeing towards other issues that arise due to open defecation are like those of bad environmental conditions where the nature is being played upon by defecating in public and doesn't find a proper and safe disposal mechanism. These serve as breeding place for insects and mosquitoes, and ultimately to deadly diseases.
Open- defecation often arises questions on women dignity. How does this do justice to the addressing the issues of the female dignity and the respect they ought to have in society? This poses shameful conditions on the part of humanity of we all where we worship Goddess like Durga, Lakshmi, etc. We must not surrender to the cause, instead step ahead and fight for the problem of open-defecation that would lend better sanitation facilities.
We at large need to find solutions to this problem and create awareness about the importance of proper sanitation and defecation standards. Campaigns and awareness programs for the poor people to educate them on the issues of good health and sanitation shall be one of the steps that would lead a step closer in the search of hope for a healthy, happy and hygienic India.
It is essential that along with the governmental agencies working for this cause, other organisations that is setting a great idol, come forward  and fight for the cause of sanitation and open-defecating related issues. The dream of a cleaner and safer India could be met when more of brands and campaigns come up in the society and take initiatives to find solutions and eradicate the problem.
A cleaner, safer, healthier, happier and prosperous nation is the desire of everyone and so everyone must take the best possible initiative one can in order to serve society and humanity.

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