Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of the ingredients of marriage!

"Made in heaven" Yes, most commonly heard off tagline in association of the 'Marriage' being a lovely affair. What could be more exhilarating, lively and enhancing than spending a lovely life ? Sadly, but many might have experienced of falling out of love as well, as they found the ease of falling into it. The primary reason could be the emotional and affectionate ones.
The lasting relationships, despite of lasting lovingly should grow healthy with the passing time. This could be synonymous with nurturing a garden with greenery all around. The continual care is the apt approach. Mere neglecting would lead to breakup or we can say death of a relationship. Without the presence of love, the relationship receives an open invitation to die. And the presence wont just mean the physical presence, in-fact it demands care, concern and attention.
The major ingredients of the profound recipe of marriage being :
  • - Understanding : This is the prime and one of the major ingredient. The relationship gets even stronger each time with the presence of adequate amount of understanding among themselves.
  • - Love : This is again another major component of the dish where one needs to be selfless about the love and care that individual does for both of the individuals into the bond.
  • - Care: The looking after of the partner for the small and minute needs that would make both of them happy and good is important.
  • - Forgiveness: There should not be any kind of grudges present among the individuals in the relationship and should learn to forgive the mistakes of their partners. This would maintain a healthy relationship.
  • - Sharing: Sharing is said to be caring. It is important that the individuals in the relationship carry out good quality of sharing of ideas, views and other things.
  • - Giving: One should be ready to give away anything for their partner. This would make their partner feel happy and give them a feeling of being important for their partner.
  • - Respect: Respect is a healthy ingredient of relationship. It must be present and should be handled with utmost care and responsibility. 
  • - Time and Patience: Last but not the least. It is important to take out time and everything should be carried out patiently as this would prevent any sort of hassles and shall make things better for both the individuals.
Sorry, if I missed out on any. After-all, different individuals, different perceptions, different methods of preparing that lovely dish to be served. Of-course, the relationship too demands to be accepted on well by each other in all the times.
The next few lines for the pious relationship:
The smiles I make,
To ignite the smile in you.
The life I wish,
To grow old with you.
It would be all the lovely away glowing,
Aging all the while with you.
The sanctity of the relationship associated with marriage is immense. The two souls unlock themselves and be their true selves to each other to guard on to a successful life. There are no thoughts of returns. The smiles handles the fortune of togetherness.
P.S : Marriage is a sweet dish, tastes best when served sweetly! Thus, the ingredients have a huge impact on marriage. They should be well mixed and served.
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