Sunday, February 21, 2016

The #Fantastico day well spent!

In the journey of life, it is quite difficult to be optimistic through all the days, because there are several ups and downs through which an individual goes in a lifetime. It is a high virtue to be optimistic in life, but there are times when one feels low on energy to take things forward. It is because sometimes the energy levels go down and at those points in life a little nudge is needed to set back right on the track and give the best shot in the endeavours in life. Though internet has made the world seem a tiny place through the fast paced communication - video calls and conferencing, messages, applications, etc to keep oneself updated on what is happening in life, the physical presence of the person you love being the most is always felt. There are no ways which can justify the meeting of the person you long to wait.

I was waiting for the vacations of my brother who had been to US for his higher studies. For almost an year he did not visit us for he could not get enough number of holidays to spend quality time with us at home, so he decided to give us a long visit. We all were waiting impatiently for the time to arrive so that we all could be together again and spend the time together, for it had been quite long since all the family members met and had a quality time.

He has been the most loved child of the family and thus the waiting got more impatient and exciting and every single day near to his visit mattered to him a lot. And after a long wait, he was finally there, and four family members went to receive him at the airport. And when he arrived, for quite obvious reasons, for over 12 hours flight, we allowed him to rest for the day, but the funny part was we all cousins were involved in unpacking the stuff and find the gifts that he had bought for us. And when he finally got up, he did not find his stuff, for we all cousins had planned in advance to follow it up in this manner. But he knew that we all had been playing around and he was also enjoying with us.

We all cousins planned for the outing which included a movie scene and then a dinner, which was to be followed by celebrations at India Gate. The plan was easy and simple and all were ready for it. We all were waiting for this moment to arrive as soon as possible and have a healthy time where we all would be howling and jumping together in joys. We all cousins had got gifts for him. He was surprised to see so many gifts around him. We tried our best to make him feel special and give him the best memories that he would carry with himself while on his way back to US again.  

I wish everyday was like this day, where the smiles and joys knew no end. I miss his presence. Everyone in the family misses him. He is a person filled with energy throughout even in the tough and testing times.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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