Saturday, February 20, 2016

The #peppy rituals!

Sleeping time is essentially the important time for the growth and development of a child. It is important that the best efforts should be made in order to take the best care of the child, because the care in the initial stage pays best in the later days in life. The fun bedtime rituals that I share with the new-born little child can be seen as mentioned below which ensure the baby a good sound sleep and ensure good night's rest to the child. These keep the surroundings healthy and keep everyone around the baby happy. It is important to maintain a healthy environment around the baby.
Few of them on the list of the daily rituals that keep the environment peppy around the baby are as follows:
Daily essential needs: The daily basic needs that are used for the kids must be a good quality one which would keep the baby neat and clean not only on the outside but also on the inside. These would ensure a sweet, sound, healthy and a comfortable sleep for the child. The child would feel comfortable throughout the night and get a good sound sleep. It is important to put the baby in the right comfort so that uneasiness is kept away from the child and the child can have a sound sleep which would help in proper growth and development of the child.
Reading them story books: I loved reading stories to my first child and now I see how those stories have impacted the upbringing of my child and thus I continue the ritual of reading out stories to the second child. Both my children, have become habituated to listening the bedtime stories. I ensure to keep the thrill and excitement alive with this ritual. It is important to keep a check on the stories being read out to the child for this would anyday be reflected on the child.
Singing a lullaby for the baby: The best of lullabies to the kids have been sung by my husband to the kids, though I do it at times when he is busy with his work. This makes them happy and laugh to the tunes of the words and music. I ensure that the smiles on the child's face should not fade away at any point of time and they should merrily go to sleep.
Feeding the child with proper nutrients: The child should be fed with proper food prescribed for the child, that consists the appropriate amount of nutrients as this would impact the health of the child ultimately. Since mother's milk is the best food for the child, I ensure that my diet is maintained properly and take effective measures to feed the child properly. This results in proper physical and mental growth of the child.
These are some of the bedtime rituals which I have ensured in upbringing of my children and has proved to be quite fruitful during my first child, and with the experience of the first child and also with the best products available in market, the second child is doing even better. These are the amazing rituals that keep the environment around the baby lively and brings smiles to everyone around.
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