Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hunger elimination! #Impact

Despite the good economic performance, with over 200 million people who are food insecure, India is home to the largest number of hungry people in the world. In the ranking of the  Global Hunger Index 2008 it covers position 66 out of 88 ranked countries and has an “alarming“ (23.7) food seccurity situation.
While there has been attention to hunger and undernourishment at the central level, within India's political system, states are important political units with regard to the planning and execution of development programs. Thus unpacking the hunger index at the level of the federal states is an important tool to build awareness of the disparities in hunger among them.
In addition to all this, the variability of the relative contribution of the underlying components of the hunger index across the different Indian states can help to stimulate the discussion about the drivers of hunger in different state contexts. The organisations like Akshay patra taking great initiatives to feed millions of children across the country has done a marvel in this sector eliminating the hunger at grass root level, nourishing the school going children and paving ways for their minds to educate themselves for their better and be the future bread=earners of their family and eradicate the poverty from their families.
What is essential to get over this problem is the coming together of the masses at a larger level and fight for the cause. It is not just by sitting and dreaming on the beds of a developed nation that the things would happen on the ground. We need to pull ourselves from the shackles of captivity and contribute to the society in all better ways.
There is a greater need of creating awareness among the kids and people about the importance of education which would ultimately lead to the elimination of hunger from the school children. This would serve as an encouragement for the poor school going children where they could fill in their empty stomachs and enrich their minds with some essential knowledge which would be helpful for them in carrying out their life activities.
The need of the hour is to get up and rise to meet the basic social needs, i.e to have a will and do something great for the society and fight the evils that prevail. This all can be done through the strong will power and determination. It is important to eradicate hunger from the society and everyone should be able to meet the basic needs and necessities of food, which otherwise leads to several diseases and malnutrition. Hunger elimination at all levels must be one of the prime agenda of the policy makes and their executioners as improvement in this sector would lead to the development and progress in the other sectors of the economy.

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