Saturday, February 20, 2016

The essence of self grooming! #impact

Thirty seconds is what it takes to frame the very first impression. Does it hold importance ? Would it make any difference ? It is important to consider and give it value ? Do we really need to care about what impression we are framing on others ? Or is it necessary to come to know the fact as to what impression we have made on others ? It is important for an individual to carry oneself in a presentable manner as this creates lot of impact before oneself and others. We should give due importance to our grooming aspects and should not ignore keeping several things in mind.
Well, all of them could be answered if one carries oneself in a well organized, groomed and clean manner. Nothing would be a matter of bothering when one would take up such etiquette as a rule and a dictum to be followed in life without any cribbing and making things simpler and easier which makes things and situations in life to flow in a smooth and generous manner. It is thus very important that enough amount of importance is given to our wellness and grooming which gives an individual enough amount of strength and confidence to carry in day to day life.
There are lots of instances in life when an individual is simply awestruck by just a mere glance of the thing or the person and holds on himself/herself to give it the much deserved attention, for that made your eyes the much deserved culprit. One can call it whatever one wants to cover up the alert conscience.
A well groomed look, by no means goes unattended, for it has got that huge amount of aura associated with it, that brought it near to catch the glimpse of another person. Without any matter of doubt the individual becomes a lot presentable and honourable. Yes, you heard it right, it is sufficient enough to hit the bull's eye a little more conveniently.
To quote of an instance, I would like to go with the incident of college times when we were in the final semester and there were lots of presentations and seminars were to be given. There was a friend who never was well maintained and well groomed, no matter how much lectures he received for it apart from the regular classes, no pun intended.
Lately, our presentation day arrived and there are few personality marks to be added for the grooming and maintenance. There were lots of gossips around that guy and there were no doubts about his stubble even during the presentation. As a matter of surprise for everyone, he got his stubble clear and visited the seminar hall for his presentation. For once, no one could recognize, but he was there, shining with his well groomed look and he definitely had struck gold on the opportunity and swiped away every one with the best presentation. There was he standing with the win and bowling over his stubble looks before everyone.
The individual can stand answerable in all the situations and does not need to care and think of what others would think about him, if one is well groomed all the time. What we need to hold on is to take ourselves into quality consideration and take the effective measures in this regard. Thus, it is essential that we as responsible individuals should realize the importance of grooming and carry ourselves well in life without giving others the chances to raise and pin-point errors into us and our personality.

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