Saturday, February 20, 2016

#Impact of trust and wisdom in life!

Life is all about courage and wisdom, how efficiently we take important decisions and take the learning from life that it has to offer us. We should not ignore the slightest and the smallest of the learnings and take calculated steps in life in order to step ahead. It is important that one takes the essential steps which are required to be taken in life in order to be successful in life so that we can create our own success story. We all individuals can do our little bit in the best possible manner and create a positive impact on the society. This would strengthen the trust and wisdom among the people and enable more people to come forward and do their bit in the society.
When we come to talk about the bold steps that one needs to take up in life, we usually think of the best that we can do and take some concrete steps that would make us successful and different from everyone else. I was married to a lady into whose family females were allowed to take care of the household chores and were not allowed to step out of the homes to earn their living and spend their time according to their wish. The social life was very restricted in her family.
I always wanted her to work for herself and also for the betterment of the society. There I shared my viewpoint with her to work for the female causes like in the field of education, health, art and craft work, etc. The females  in poor backgrounds are kept aloof of the mainstream. Their education and literacy rate is quite low. Also, they are married at early age and are not allowed to voice themselves.
I had a vision and aim in my head to work for these poor women and educate them so that they can uplift the society. Nothing comes easy in life. We need to make special efforts to make things happen. One fine day, I requested my wife to listen me and help in some way that could be possible so that I can fight the cause that I always wanted. She initially denied seeing up her family background and other issues that were coming up in her mind. She asked me to lay a plan of what I wanted to and how I would approach for the same thing.
A ray of hope appeared within me. I laid out a plan and started working upon it. I met some of the women from nearby villages, had a conversation with them. I then met the Sarpanch on some the issues that were required to be taken up in the village to improve the status of the women. In a week's time, I was ready with plan and presented it before my wife. She was quite convinced and appreciated my efforts that I had put into the work. She then with the permission of my parents assisted me to work on the plan.
From then I started implementing the plan and went ahead with the best of possibilities that I could do from my side. Now, the village's conditions have been improved to a large extent with the span of 3 years. The village people stand out educated. Also, the living standards in the village have been improved to a lot extent.
Though it was seeming difficult to start and convince my family regarding the plan I wanted to take, but a little planning taken helped me to work in my vision and also for the society. Thus, it is important to take decisions and move forward in life with a positive attitude in life. It is important to understand and develop a understanding with oneself and make strong decisions that would leave an impact in the society.
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