Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of decision making in life!

Decision making is an important aspect of life and it has huge impact in various fields of life that one leads. Life is in real sense, a very good teacher and it teaches us humans lot of thing at different instances to everyone of us in several ways taking us to capture different heights. We need to take up the learnings in life as they come up and take up the essential steps that are needed at each time to make right things happen at the right time. This would lead to the attainment of great results and achievements and shall ultimately lead to the path of success.
The strong ideas that are needed to be taken up in life must be taken by analysing the pros and cons, risks and consequences associated with them and thus appropriate measures and calculations must be done while taking up the proceedings that we need to keep to success and move ahead in life. A single move can change the life plan and destiny of where we want to go in life. Also, the decisions that we take one after the other help us in conquering our fears and taking the lead in life in a convenient way. It is important that we plan out on our aims and visions and take up the moves and important decisions which are needed to approach towards our goal.

It is important for an individual to be decisive in life and these skills should be imparted from the early school days by making children involved in several leadership qualities which would enable children to take up stand for themselves and help them in decision making. The early childhood lessons have a huge impact on the learning of children to take up their own decisions.
It is important for every individual to be confident and strong enough to faces the challenges in life, as they give a lot of learning and make a person strong and capable. I would like to go ahead by narrating an incident where I took a decision which had a huge implication in in life, that was to step out of my normal routine and daily schedule, plan out things and work according to the new boundaries and make things happen and work for myself so that I could attain peace with my mind to achieve what I have been aspiring for a long time. Leaving the home and taking a lead to stand out of it is one of the most difficult tasks that one ever does in life, for the comforts of home are never met anywhere else. Also, the deprivation of the love of mom and dad, and staying away from them is not easy.
After my graduation, when I was asked to make a choice between my job or to join the family business, I decided to follow my instincts and go out of the comfort zone to earn my living by learning in the job environment for learning professionalism and carrying forward my desire of being an IT professional. It was difficult initially, as I never stayed away from home prior to this. There are lot of other hurdles that one comes across in this attempt and I too face the same. There are issues like taking care of laundry and food, which at home are being fulfilled and handled by mother, without letting me bother about any single thing.  Also, there is a lot of struggle that one faces while staying away from home, which one often takes for granted while the person is at home. But after several years of struggle I have been able to come out as a strong individual and this has made me an individual that I am. 
As an IT professional I learnt a lot of things in life like the art of management, art of living, handling out activities in a responsible manner, taking care of the slightest home-care and household needs, and last but not the least, the importance of family members. It transformed me into a responsible individual and made me confident and strong to take up important decisions in life with strong will power. Decision making is an art and one must learn it tactfully. It has a huge impact and makes a huge difference in the life of an individual.

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