Saturday, February 20, 2016

Impact of OPTIMISM in life!

We should be thankful of the life that we have been blessed with and must try to keep ourselves away from the negative thoughts. We all very well know that life is a great gift and a blessing that has been bestowed upon us in several forms. I am thankful to the Lord who has granted me a very beautiful life with hopes and aspirations that keep making me to look forward in life with optimism and positive attitude in life.
The story is dated back to the days of 2006. I acquired malaria fever and was driven into a life threatening situation. I was battling for life. And, now when I am writing this post, for sure, I won the battle that time and life changed for me since then. The reasons being manifold, like the love and care of the family that sometimes I took for granted, for I always had them and used to take things casually. Since then, I am a changed person. I have shifted from being a pessimistic to optimistic individual. I have learned to give and take importance to lots of issues in life. I love people around myself and serve them in the best possible manner that I can.
I still remember the state of unconsciousness that had hit me, and when I gained back consciousness I was startled with the number of family members surrounding me. My mother was in tears, may be she had been crying since long then seeing my serious condition. My daughter was out for exams and she was not informed for all that happened to me. My husband was standing next to my hospital hand running hands across my hair, for helping to regain my conscious state and the lips constantly moving, may be they were the prayers that were continuously coming out from him, for as soon as I looked at him, he looked up and thanked God, for he dearly loved me.
Miracles do happen, for the state from which I came out was nothing less than a miracle. Doctors congratulated everyone in the family and made everyone around smile. I smiled on seeing everyone around me smile. From that day, I decided to keep myself filled with positive attitude in life. I decided to be high on positive thoughts and take life more happily and peacefully. That was a changing moment of my life as I was blessed with a new life. I was back with the people who loved me so much. I decided to bring million smiles to their faces. I decided to be hopeful and grateful for whatever I had. I gave up on my complaining attitude towards life.
It is important for all of us to realize that we are blessed with a great life. I am thankful to my family who made me realize the importance of a lot of things and brought in me a change that changed my view for life and filled me lots of hope and optimism. Positive and optimistic attitude creates huge amount of impact in our lives and we not be ignorant towards accepting positive changes in life.
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