Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of the fulfilment of wishes and hopes!

Wishes, hopes and aspirations largely shape our life and they come to play a huge role in our life. They primarily define us and make us the individual we are and shape us accordingly. We all have different hopes, aspirations, wishes from ourselves and also from others. We need to be strong with our mindset as being strong is not a choice, any individual should be strong enough mentally and physically, to take up the challenges in life. A strong step taken at any instant in life can bring a huge change in life and thus can be a game changer. There are lots of ways that an individual has to take in life at each instant to move ahead in life. It is important that one takes the appropriate steps in life at the right time at the right place in the right spirits as they play a great role in determining the further scenario of life and the life totally depends on the steps that an individual takes one after the other.
The steps taken should be taken carefully as they play a tremendous role in determining where we will land up in life. Thus, a single move is the life-determiner as it is the life in making. Life is a great teacher and it teaches us a lot of things at different instances in life and thus paying heed to the lessons that life teaches is important. Also, making opinions and taking strong and bold steps is important, as without them we might not achieve our aim and desire where we want to go in life. After my board exams, I wrote down few of the entrance exams. I always wanted to be a musician. But since I was a science student, I wrote engineering entrance exams and I got through a good engineering college for my engineering. Everyone in the family was happy with my performance. I was doing well in my engineering. But slowly down the lane, I started losing interest in the subject. There were feelings of repentance in me of leaving the career of my choice of being a musician and taking up engineering.
After my third semester exams, I finally made up my mind and decided to make my career in music. I went on to talk to my parents. They were initially scared of the step I was about to take and put my two years of engineering on stake. There were fears within me too, but then I was convinced that it was getting against my wish of becoming a musician. My parents showed faith in me and made me start my entrance preparations for music classes and exams right there. I started preparing for the entrance exam and within a short span of time I faced the entrance exams and performed beyond my expectations and got through a good music school. To this day, I am happy with the decision I made up that time which was initially to give a career from a good engineering college and the investment of two years into graduation again. But sometimes, one needs to take such decisions in life to start a new life and take the lead in life in one’s own way. This leads to the fulfilment of the wishes and hopes that one has from oneself. It has a made a huge difference in my life and the people who have been associated with me. It is great that I could step towards the fulfilment of my wish of being a musician.

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