Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact - lead life with optimism!

There are different ways of leading a life and it varies from individual to individual. It is important for an individual to set standards in life according to oneself and then abide by them. Positive attitude is must in life and it is important to carry oneself with high hopes and aspirations. Optimism plays a great role in our lives and we should not let negativity linger around us as that would lead to bad results. The life that I have been gifted to me by both, Almighty and my parents, is a very great and blessed one indeed and I am proud to be a part of this journey that I am on, for several reasons which have been multitude, for instance excelling in educational stream, making the best during the professional courses that I went on to take during my college life, and in the professional work stream, with plenty of opportunities on the way.

It has been a fruitful journey which has brought me lot of experiences served on plate in and outside my comfort zone which has put on a very confident front to this day when I am able stand on my own legs and seeing the world at a large and making the things workout as per my wish and will. In the times that we have come to live in it is important for each one of us to realize our potential and make things happen in the best possible manner. All women should be confident and take strong stands for themselves as this is essential to stand out on the beautiful journey of life. There is nothing great that could be achieved by simply sitting and cribbing about the things that would hardly make any difference.

Each person should realize her importance and do the things that are most important to him/her, and become the women of substance. Definitely there are lots of problems and obstacles that come across the way, but then who said life is a smooth journey and has no ups and downs ? These issues only make us more stronger and enable us to take concrete steps and step ahead in life. One of the beautiful things that I have been able to do on this journey of life is to be a part of education program in a school in the village near my home. I impart the lessons that made me very happy that time and even to this date. I still visit the school and meet teachers, friends and colleagues over there. I love to take moral lessons with kids there which instills them with lot of excitement and happiness. It is a great pleasure in life to see others smile and happy.

I have always loved to plant smiles on to other's face and make others feel confident and comfortable about their life. It has given me more confidence to carry my life in a more peaceful manner and in a way that I want to lead it. Carrying positive attitude is thus very essential and needs to be handled and tackled in a great way as this leads to the opening of further pathways in life that shall lead an individual forward in the journey of life. Thus, it is imperative for all humans to lead life with a positive attitude as that would bring positive results and bring happiness, joy, and fun in life.

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