Sunday, February 21, 2016

Impact of a optimistic attitude in the journey of life

As one steps ahead in life, there are lots of learnings that unfolded in life. There is a lot of good in this world and in this beautiful life. All we need to have is a broad perspective of it and need to be optimistic to see the life's colours in a beautiful and pleasant way. There are a lot of sufferings in this world and we should not frown upon the minor difficulties that we sometimes get to face in life or when sometimes we are struck into some problem or a situation that tests us for our virtues of patience and discipline. Optimism largely helps an individual to be peaceful in our minds and thus aids us in carrying out the responsibilities, activities and journey of life in a happy manner. 

Life has offered me lot of beautiful lessons and it has taught me to be positive in life in all the situations, be it good or bad. The attitude and moral lessons to me are taught to me by my parents, teachers, friends, acquaintances, children, kids, relatives and God. I would narrate short story and an instance that took me much closer to the lessons of positivity in my journey of life and taught me how to handle the tough and difficult situations in life. I was taken to a orpahange by my father every weekend since my childhood days. My father used to play with the kids there. He used to take gifts like chocolates and candies  for them, sometimes clothes and jackets for them. They felt so happy and attached with him and used to wait each weekend for him. Even I waited for the weekend because till then I made lots of friends there and I used to wait to play and have fun with them.

As I wrote my 10th standard exams and the results were announced, I was sent to hostel in 11th standard for my higher school education. I was going away from home. I had sinking feelings inside me that time. Tears rolled down my cheeks when my parents said bye while leaving me at the hostel. My parents were strong enough to ignore my tears, for they knew that the hostel was necessary for me to learn and concentrate on studies at that time. I began to miss my parents. I began to miss my friends with whom I used to play on the weekends. After 2 months when my parents visited me back again at my hostel, I was filled with so much happiness and joy that knew no boundaries. My father narrated me the instances of his visit to the orphan without me, and how kids there missed me.

The learning hit me then and there. I slowly began to realize a lot of things. A great learning had hit me that time. I began to realize how blessed I am to have my parents with me as and when I need them. I discussed things and exchanged a lot of talks with my father. Chills ran down my spine and I was being awakened to something so good, that I had not realized all this while. 
From that day itself, I promised to myself and my parents to be optimistic and hopeful about life and thankful for all the blessings. There might be tough situations in life, but we must be strong enough to handle them bravely. Life is a great blessing. We must live our life with a positive attitude with hopes and aspirations. 

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