Sunday, February 21, 2016

The fanstastico smile!

When we walk through the path of life, it is quite difficult to be positive and happy all the time. The best one can do is try and hope for the best by making one's life beautiful and also by bringing happiness to others which is a source of multiple joys. This is because there are several ups and downs through which an individual goes in a lifetime. It is a high virtue to be positive in life, but there are times when one feels low on energy to take things forward. Smile is a great virtue and one must learn this art of smiling and being happy in life for it makes several problems easy and also sweeps away the worries of life. It is important that one keeps a smiling attitude in life. This makes an individual to grow at a higher pace and also makes one more acceptable at the work place as well as home, and also in all the situations in life. A smiling face is welcomed everywhere in life.

Though internet has made the world seem a tiny place through the fast paced communication - video calls and conferencing, messages, applications, etc to keep oneself updated on what is happening in life, the physical presence of the person you love being the most is always felt. There are no ways which can justify the meeting of the person you long to wait. I always loved to be with my grandfather. He has always carried a smiling face and looking at him takes me away from all kinds of worries that I have in life. The best and the most memorable days and memories of my life are with him. He taught the most amazing lessons of life in a very easy and elegant manner that one could not miss the learning. He had the most easy ways of getting the most difficult things done in life. His teachings have brought me to this level. He always had a smiling attitude in life and always taught others the same lessons and ways. He taught me the important lessons of optimism, discipline and dedication.  As a child whenever I used to feel low in life, he was the one to notice it first and throw our the negativity from me and make me all pumped up with energy and enthusiasm. He left for the heavenly abode around 4 years ago, and I dearly miss his company or no one else understood me better than he could. Also, even till date no one could do it better. I remember the ways he used to celebrate and rejoice at all my results, birthdays and achievements. He always made the arrangements and never missed to surprise me gifts and his blessings. 

One day I decided to do the best and celebrate his birthday and give him surprises. It was his 80th birthday. I planned to be with him for the whole day, and gift him million smiles the way he has been spreading smiles across everyone's face. I decided to take off from college and doing things which would bring him joys and happiness, and spending all of my time with him. I had asked my father to get me a cake and a new dress for my grandfather to be ready few days ago. He wore the new dhoti-kurta and was ready at sharp 4.30 a.m in the morning to go to temple. The day began on a great note by visiting the Gauri Shankar Temple in Chandni Chowk. We offered the prayers to Lord Shiva and on our way back we got jalebis and kachoris packed for everyone in the family. These are pure joys for my family. They enjoy these delights crazily.

In the afternoon, my grandfather on his birthday got me a new sports cycle which I have been long demanding from my father. Even on his birthday, he got me my wish fulfilled. I was loving the day.
In the evening, everyone helped me and decorated the home to celebrate the occasion of my grandpa's birthday. My mother prepared his favourite dishes - moong dal halwa, dal-makhni, paneer korma and tandoori naan. Around 7 p.m we all family members gathered to celebrate the grand day. We all had so much fun. Everyone laughed, smiled and danced. The best was my grandparents couple dance, the main attraction of the day. It was lovely to see everyone in the family happy and smiling. We all dined together and exchanged a lot of laughter. At the end of the party he gave all of us a very good lesson on life to be always smiling and look forward in life with a good attitude which will take us to new heights. He told us not to frown in the difficult times and should see them as opportunities to learn and move ahead in the journey life of life gracefully.

I wish everyday was like this day, where the smiles and joys know no end. I miss his presence. Everyone in the family misses him. He was a person filled with energy and optimism throughout his life even in the tough and testing times.

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